Introducing our new BMAT App

Med school applicants can now access BMAT practice questions through our new app, available in The App Store and Google Play.

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The app, priced at just £2.99, contains 200 questions covering Sections 1 and 2 of the test. The app also allows users to download questions to answer anytime, anywhere, whether this is 30 minutes on a bus journey home or a spare 10 minutes between classes.


The app - Pastest's first ever paid-for app - includes innovative features designed to help you work faster and smarter, like the easy-to-digest performance overview, and the ‘continue previous session’ function which enables you to pick up from where you left off last time you used the app.

Not only that, but users can tailor their revision by using the filters to focus your practice on Section 1 (Aptitude and Skills) or Section 2 (Scientific Knowledge and Applications) and also benchmark yourself against your peers.

With a growing number of universities currently using the BMAT to assess the competency of a med school applicant's critical thinking, problem solving, data analysis, communication and application of scientific knowledge, the need for extra revision resources in this area has become essential.

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