Changes to the GP Recruitment Process

undefinedThis year the GP National Recruitment Office has announced a number of changes to the GP training application process. 

Many of the changes seem to offer candidates greater flexibility and choice, reflecting the need to make the specialty more appealing to potential trainees. For example, applicants will now be able to give ‘non-statutory reasons’ for deferring the start of their training for up to 12 months.

We've summed up some of the other key changes below:

The direct pathway trial
The biggest change is the trial of the ‘Direct Pathway’. This means that applicants who score higher than 575 in the Specialty Recruitment Assessment (SRA, previously known as Stage 2) will automatically move straight to the offers stage of the process. 

In previous years, applicants have had to attend a Selection Centre in February before receiving any offers. In 2014 and 2015 all applicants scoring 575 or higher were ‘deemed appointable’ at the selection centre, so this year the NRO is missing out that part of the process for high-scorers.

These high-scoring applicants will also be ranked the highest, so are more likely to get their first choice of location for GP training.

 If you score under 575, you’ll still need to attend the Selection Centre (formerly known as Stage 3).

More detailed geographical preferences
Applicants can now state a more detailed geographical preference than previously. Using the example on the GP NRO website, this means that instead of selecting West Midlands, candidates can now select Birmingham or Coventry & Warwickshire. Again, this provides applicants with a better chance at training in their preferred location.

More options for unsuccessful applicants
The GP NRO have introduced pre-specialty training for candidates who are unsuccessful in the application process. This should last 12 months, and will help you to make a successful GP application in the future. So even if you don’t do so well in the SRA or Selection Centre, you’ll still be able to pursue your dream of being a GP!

Overseas experience placements
If you get a place to train with 1 of the 5 deaneries mentioned on the website, you’ll be able to apply to work abroad between ST2 and ST3. This ‘Out of Programme Experience’ gives applicants further opportunity to travel and work abroad, safe in the knowledge that they have a guaranteed ST3 post on returning.

You can read the full list of changes on the GP NRO website.
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