The Benefits of Podcast Based Revision

Regardless of how you feel about it, revision is an essential part of everyone's education. Without revision, you run the risk of forgetting vital pieces of information you have learnt, and finding yourself completely unprepared for your imminent exams. While some people can revise solely by reading and re-reading their notes over and over, this technique can become quite tedious. That's why at Pastest, we are firm believers of utilising multiple different revision techniques

One revision method which has been increasing in popularity over recent years is podcast based revision. Podcasts are pre-recorded audio clips that students can download onto their computer, and then listen to via their smartphone or MP3 player. When you look at the benefits podcasts provide students, it’s easy to see why they're so popular!

Podcasts are portable
Sometimes you may get tired of always revising in the same location – sat behind a desk in your bedroom or a library, pouring over books. Because your books and notes will be large and often heavy, they're not the kind of things you can just carry around and pull out whenever you wish though. Podcasts, on the other hand, can be listened to anywhere through your phone or MP3 player, making them incredibly portable. So whether you're on the bus, going for a jog, or even just doing some cleaning around the house, you can revise at the same time!

Podcasts allow you to learn using different senses
We've all been there, when after hours of reading your notes you feel as though your eyes are glazing over and nothing is going in anymore! With podcasts you are listening, rather than reading, which allows your brain to take in information in a different way. There have been numerous studies highlighting the advantages of learning through multiple senses. Listening to podcasts can help to reinforce information partially remembered through traditional revision techniques like reading your notes and practicing with past exam papers.
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