Return of the Blog

After a spell of unconsciousness, the Pastest Blog is back! Now that we’ve applied those electrically-charged paddles to restore its regular heartbeat, you can expect frequent posting on a whole range of topics, all about your medical exams, including:

- Info on your exams
- Advice on how to prepare and pass
- Details of our latest products and publications
- Interviews with Pastest tutors, lecturers and authors
- Tips and testimonials from successful exam-takers
- Sample exam cases and questions (and how to answer them)
- Insightful blogs by Pastest customers
- New developments in medical teaching and learning
- Behind the scenes with Pastest at national events

And more besides! If there’s anything in particular that you’d like us to cover or if you’d like to submit your own blog, just comment below or send an email to
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