MRCP Part 1, Sep 2018 exam: Instant Insights

The dust has only just settled on the MRCP Part 1 2018/3 exam and we’re already collating information from our hundreds of customers who sat it.

A more detailed analysis will follow the release of results on 5th October 2018 but for now, here’s a quick-fire wrap-up of what we know so far:

Beware the “needless” vignette

There’s nothing worse than reading a lengthy vignette only to find that the question itself could be answered on its own. Here’s an example of a Cardiology question taken from our Qbank which replicates what you will come across in the exam:
As candidates need to be averaging less than 108 seconds per question, some customers have recommended reading the last line of a question first to avoid wasting valuable time!

Ace your acronyms

It's okay to know your JVP from your JVD but don't forget what they stand for! In the recent exam some candidates were caught out by "human epidermal growth factor receptor 2", despite being familiar with its acronym HER2 (which was conveniently excluded from the vignette!)

Make sure your Statistics answers add up!

Everyone loves stats questions, right? Don't fall foul of calculating your answer, spotting it in the list of options and presuming you've got it right; common miscalculations will be included in the answer options too. Sneaky...

Look for the clues

In any exam it’s important to read the question carefully, but in the MRCP Part 1 exam in particular, there are often clues within the vignette that can steer you towards the correct answer. Here’s a tip from one of our UK customers:

In addition to the patient’s age and sex, if their ethnicity is referenced there’s a good chance it’s been included for a reason; for example, an Asian man presenting at the Emergency Department with a nasty cough COULD by showing symptoms of TB.

Questions, questions, questions

The common advice from September 2018 candidates is to get through as many practice questions as you can when revising – and our usage figures certainly back this up with nearly 3.5m MRCP Part 1 questions having been answered on our website and over 1.6m on our free mobile app for this diet.
That equates to an average of 2700 questions answered per user.

Harder to pass?

And finally, this was the first MRCP Part 1 exam to be set with a higher pass mark of 540 (previously 528). With customers citing Statistics, Rheumatology and Pharmacology as being particularly difficult, all eyes will be on those results coming out in October!

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