MRCS Part A, Sep 2018 exam: Instant Insights

Barely 10 days have passed since the MRCS Part A 2018/3 exam - the first to be set without EMQs (Extended Matching Questions) - and we’ve already collected some key findings from our hundreds of customers for future candidates to take on board.

A more detailed analysis will follow the release of results in early October (traditionally 3-4 weeks after the exam), but for now, here’s a glimpse of what we know so far:

We don't want to be negative, but...

...sometimes we have to be! That's because negatively-phrased questions DO occasionally crop up in the exam, similar to this Pathology of the Breast question taken from our bank:

So make sure you read the question carefully as missing the negative phrasing will lead you to a very different answer!

It's all about the SBAs

The exam only includes SBA (Single Best Answer) style questions, so don't waste your time answering EMQs that remain in other question banks (we took them out of our question bank in April 2018!). If you want to further focus your revision, our customers referenced Embryology and Anatomy as being particularly tricky in the September 2018 exam, so plan your prep accordingly! 

Patient info is key

SBA questions in the MRCS Part A exam tend to begin with a description of the patient, including their gender, age and sometimes ethnicity. These key bits of info can often be critical to your diagnosis so don't gloss over them.

Hammer those questions!

September 2018 candidates, such as the one quoted below, recommend answering as many practice questions as you can before the exam.

I failed the exam in April and on reflection I can understand why. I didn't get through anywhere near enough practice questions, something I remedied this time around by completing the entire Pastest question bank. As a result, I felt so much more prepared going into the exam.
Our usage figures show that over 900,000 MRCS Part A questions were answered on our website and nearly 577,000 on our free mobile app for this diet (in fact, our app is the second main reason why customers choose Pastest, narrowly behind question quality, as it enables users to keep answering questions wherever they are!)

These numbers equate to an average of 1230 questions answered per user.

Testing tables

A number of questions in the exam contain data that requires interpretation. This has proven to be particularly challenging for customers when presented with a large table of blood results that has proven to be quite overwhelming, so familiarise yourself with large sets of data before the big day.

Stay tuned for more insights in the coming weeks!

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