Latest Feature: Reordered Question Responses

Reordered Question Responses for MRCP Part 1 Animation

MRCP Part 1 customers can now choose to randomise the positions of answers in the Qbank, meaning that if you’ve seen a question before, you won’t be tempted to pick the answer based on its position. The feature will work for all ‘best of 5’ style questions.

This is the latest development released to help our customers revise MRCP Part 1 online – enhancing our huge Qbank of over 5000 questions tailored to the MRCP Part 1 Exam.

To activate this feature, open your Settings Cog in the Question Bank and select “Order the answers randomly”. You can deactivate this feature at any time if you change your mind.

Changing your question Settings in the MRCP Part 1 Qbank

This feature is the latest in a series of customer-led product developments, including Bite-sized videos, Peer Responses, Contextual Clues, and not forgetting the Pastest App! If you have any ideas about developments you’d like to see in the future, or feedback on this new feature, let us know by emailing

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