Pastest Returns To AMSA

Pastest has enjoyed another action-packed AMSA Convention, with our stylish T-shirts once again stealing the show!

The gathering of members of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) – held each year in Washington DC – is a great opportunity to directly engage with our growing army of USMLE Step 1 subscribers and introduce ourselves to pre-meds.

And, once the convention’s doors were thrown open, students quickly flocked to the Pastest booth to get their hands on our ever-popular, free “Trust Me, I’m a Med Student!” T-shirts. In fact, the shirts were rated as a “personal favorite” by one AMSA attendee, leading to a lively Twitter exchange with other test prep providers.

AMSA Pastest

“We were totally swamped,” said Damon Hampson, Pastest’s Development Manager. “After the first hour our 200 T-shirts had been reduced to 50 and we’d managed to fill all the slots on our Saturday morning focus groups.

“Most importantly, though, we were able to showcase our killer test prep resource and brand, and had many engaging conversations with pre-meds, med students and fellow exhibitors.”

Similar to previous years, feedback on Pastest’s Step 1 resource rang loud and clear, with students raving about the quality of our Qbank – including the coverage and strength of the questions, the detailed explanations and ‘Contextual Clues’ feature – along with the bite-sized videos and handy mobile app which enables offline access.

AMSA Medical Students

Focus group attendees were also bowled over by a sneak peek of Pastest’s future innovations, with one student declaring, “I wish I had that when I was preparing for Step 1!”

As well as many attendees walking away with our coveted T-shirts, two students are now the proud owners of a Fitbit Charge 2 thanks to our random prize draw! A host of students threw their names into the hat by posing with our “Trust Me, I’m a Med Student!” and posting a shot on their social media profiles, along with the hashtag #PastestUSMLE.

AMSA Pastest

So, this year’s AMSA Convention certainly hit the mark and plans are already afoot for 2019; will the T-shirts make an eagerly anticipated return…?
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