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  • Easy to use and logic-provoking questions! Attractive, intuitive interface - referenced material from 2017 FA (none of the other question banks are updated yet!) - a good array of questions - I would say one of the more challenging question banks for the go-getters. Highly recommend!

    Arber Frakulli
    Harvard Medical School

  • I cannot believe that the questions in Pastest are free - it is such a good resource for learning material for USMLE Step 1. Would recommend to anyone! Also I have submitted feedback a couple of times on questions, and the response was really fast!

    Cecilia Huang
    University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

  • The Pastest Qbank provides high quality questions and excellent clinical scenarios, as well as a great user interface. I have seen my performance improve on school tests using the Pastest Qbank over the past 3 months. Would highly recommend to any medical student completing pre-clinical courses and preparing for USMLE Step 1.

    Connor Zale
    Penn State College of Medicine

  • I think the questions are highly accurate, and a great practice for my upcoming exam

    Jason Campbell
    Ohio State University College, USA

  • Great answer explanations, great mobile format. I haven't tried other USMLE practice programs like UWorld yet, but I used Pastest for my cardiac disease unit and it was perfect.

    Julie Clemmensen
    Touro University, California

  • Trusted Company :) Excellent set of questions, very similar to the USMLE Step 1 and certainly a good place to start.

    Anwesha Ghosh
    New York

  • The Pastest Step 1 Qbank was highly relevant and extremely helpful in preparing me for the exam.

    Malina Sexton

  • Good quality questions and answers, with an excellent feedback system.

    Subhro Pandey

  • The questions are worded in a way that I have seen on my mini boards. The questions have been helpful in studying for my exams.

    Audrey Murphy
    University of South Alabama, USA

  • Preparing using the online materials really helped me get a score of 260.

    Jishanth Mattumpuram

  • Very good. Various modes of solving questions.

    Arif Hasan

  • I really like the ability to skip around to different questions in tutor mode. I feel that it really allows me to be in control.

    Joseph Anderson
    University of South Alabama, USA

  • An excellent resource with a lot of information. It is very detailed and has helped me understand the physiology of the human body.

    Wilfredo Oquendo

  • Very good site that provides decent MCQs for USMLE.

    Ahmed Al-Obaidi
    Florida, United States

  • Excellent, i would recommend to any one preparing for USMLE

    Eltayeb Karrar
    United States

  • This has been a great help to mu study prep for usmle step 1

    Evita Asumugha
    United States

  • The assessment for usmle is just perfect I hope they will do the same for part 2

    Essa Marzoug

  • Pastest has a solid USMLE Qbank for STEP 1 and the interface is pristine. I like both the website and the Android app. Everything is simple and easy to navigate as well!

    Daniel Choi
    United States

  • The questions seem to be over highly tested and relevant material and there is an equal mix of clinical vignette type questions as well as standard recall type questions, which serve as a useful tool for memorization of some key points.

    Robin Rodriguez
    American University of Antigua

  • I found that using the Pastest Qbank side by side with First Aid, was the ideal way to prepare for my Step 1 exam

    Michael Dzombo