GP Selection Centre

Our online GP Selection Centre subscription will help you to practise clear communication, effective prioritisation and working against the clock so you can be confident of performing well in the Selection Centre (GPST Entry 3)

GP Selection Centre Online

Resourceful + Relevant
With over 85 exam-themed exercises to work through, our online subscription will help to focus your preparation for the selection centre (GPST Entry 3).
Feb 2020 Exam (Round 1)
£49.00 - Access until 17th February 2020
Apr 2020 Exam (Round 1)
£69.00 - Access until 23rd April 2020


  • Pastest videos were a great help

    F. S. Khan

  • Thank you very much for the opportunity to use GP MSRA and GP Selection Centre (GPST Stage 2 & 3) online revision. It was really useful, well-organised and it helped me to get my dream position in Cambridge as a GP trainee!

    Agnieszka Kubacka

  • Well thought out and very relevant to GP. Pastest never fails to please.

    L. Adimorah