MRCGP Clinical Skills Assessment: Practice Cases

Provides 56 consultations cases that are commonly-encountered in the MRCGP CSA.
MRCGP Clinical Skills Assessment: Practice Cases
Provides 56 consultations cases that are commonly-encountered in the MRCGP CSA.
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ISBN: 9781905635894
Published: 29 Jan 2014
Author: Raj Thakkar
Publisher: Pastest
Edition: Third
Number of pages: 456

This title features 4 practice exam 'circuits' to help you prepare for the CSA, and includes role-player instructions so you can practise with friends and colleagues.

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MRCGP Clinical Skills Assessment: Practice Cases is closely aligned to the GP curriculum and reflects the latest format of the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) element of the RCGP membership exams.

It features 4 practice exam 'circuits' which reflect the curriculum domains encountered in the real CSA exam. Each circuit includes 13 commonly-encountered consultation cases, plus a bonus case for additional preparation. Each case includes case notes, brainstorm areas, candidate and role-player instructions, and tips on what to look out for in the exam.

MRCGP Clinical Skills Assessment: Practice Cases features unique input from Dr Peter Havelock, international consultation expert and creator of the GP Consultation model, upon which the GP curriculum is based. The book also includes an editorial contribution from a recently-successful CSA candidate so you can be confident that the content is relevant and up-to-date.

This edition has been updated throughout to reflect the most recent exam changes and cases, and includes a brand new exam circuit.

"Why buy my book?" by author Raj Thakkar

"The CSA is a highly challenging yet realistic professional exam that reflects the heart of modern general practice.

"As with all clinical exams, it's painfully clear when candidates haven't 'been around' and practised their skills to a high enough standard to manage patients safely. There is only one way to get yourself to that standard, and that is to practise relentlessly over and over again, being critically appraised whilst doing so and constantly reflecting on and improving your performance.

"It's absolutely right that much will be gained from working on the job; however, focussed practice with designed cases is essential for exam success. And that's exactly the focus of this book. It has been designed with feedback from previous candidates and with one goal in mind - passing the MRCGP.

"A mammoth 4 exam circuits are included, to either run through as a trial CSA exam or to dip in and out of. Each circuit has an additional bonus case. All cases have scripts for the patient so you can practice with non-medics, and each case includes tips and learning points. There's no doubt this CSA book will go a long way to help you pass your exam!"
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About the Authors

Raj Thakkar BSc(Hons) MBBS MRCGP MRCP(UK), Raj gained his neuroscience and medical degrees from University College London. During his vocational training in the Oxford deanery, he won the national GP Enterprise Award, registrar division. He currently works as a GP partner in Buckinghamshire, where his special interest is cardiovascular medicine, and as a Hospital Practitioner in Echocardiography. Raj is a freelance writer and GP advisor for several medical magazines.

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