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  • Absolutely essential revision material. I tried doing background reading on each topic but found that this was not very productive. I found that doing the questions on Pastest and reading the information provided after each question was much more engaging and I got...

    Mark Clements

  • I really am so happy I passed MRCP Part 1 my score is 635 which is good for me, because paper 2 was difficult, so in my opinion I strongly recommended this website which helped me a lot to passed this tough exam, I want to thank all pastest staff, I am sure will subscribe...

    Madni Ahmed

  • I am a registered user of Pastest for MRCP 1 exam. I am glad to inform you that I have cleared MRCP Part 1 at my 1st attempt. This would not have been possible but for the exhaustive question bank and guidance by Pastest. Thanks a ton for helping me to sail through this tough exam.

    Manju George

  • Excellent teaching material. Very thorough explanations. A very pain-free and productive way of learning. Thanks.

    Robbie Debenham
    United Kingdom

  • Excellent material! Good format

    Amla Ramlal

  • I have used a number of MCQ pools for MRCP Part 1 and found Pastest the best!! I highly recommend Pastest to all those appearing for the MRCP part 1.

    Sadia Ahsan

  • I found out about Pastest from colleagues who previously took MRCP part 1 and they all recommended it as the best tool to prepare for the exam. So far I find it extremely useful as I can prepare in between everything during the day. Even after a long day I can still do tests from my phone and track my progress. Hopefully it will help me be successful as well.

    Elis Nalbant
    Manchester, United Kingdom

  • I mostly did my revision of MRCP Part 1 from Pastest and found it very helpful. I also read a few other books just to get an overview of the basics as I felt my basics were a bit weak in few areas. Otherwise Pastest alone is quite sufficient.

    Iqra Qaisar
    Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom

Experience + Insight
5 things you need to know about the MRCP Part 1 exam:

Research the Exam

The MRCP Part 1 exam covers a wide range of topics. Its ultimate aim is to test the knowledge you acquired as an undergraduate as well as the knowledge and experience you have attained so far in your postgraduate training. Mastery of these is critical to MRCP Part 1 success.

Preparation & Practice

Ensure you give yourself enough time to adequately prepare for the exam. Our data analysis emphasises that there is a strong and direct correlation between Pastest performance and MRCP Part 1 exam success.

Define a Strategy

It is important to strategise your MRCP Part 1 preparation. Set yourself targets and stick to them. Identify and prioritise your weak areas that feature heavily in the exam. Utilise our Track Me features to remain informed of your progress.

Know your Stuff

Simply churning through as many questions as you can won’t be enough to guarantee success in the MRCP Part 1 exam. Ensure you fully understand and learn from each question, and utilise our Dynamic Explanations to aid your learning.

Test Yourself

Pastest is the only provider that offers a range of Past Papers featuring themes sourced from recent MRCP Part 1 exams. Make use of these throughout your preparation, and ramp up the frequency as the exam draws closer.