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Pastest provides all you need to master key exam skills like interpreting results, making correct diagnoses and selecting the best management plan

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With more MRCP Part 2 questions than any other provider, our online resource provides plenty of practice to maximise your performance in the exam.

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    United Kingdom

Experience + Insight

5 things you need to know about the MRCP Part 2 exam:

Be Prepared

The MRCP Part 2 exam is not for the faint of heart, and it covers a wide range of topics designed to test your clinical understanding and judgements. Start preparing for the exam well ahead of time, in order to get familiar with the topics and the length of the exam.

Manage Your Time

The MRCP Part 2 places a high priority on time management. The amount of time you have vs. how many questions you have to answer within the time limit is very tight. Simulate the exam at home, and practice managing your time.

Pay Attention to the Question

It sounds obvious, but paying attention to the question is very important. Candidates can focus too much on answering as many questions as possible in the time limit, and skim-read the questions. This might mean you miss a valuable clue, as some questions contain subtle hints for the answer, or fall victim to a red herring.

Interpreting Images

One of the most important aspects of the MRCP 2 exam is being able to interpret images correctly, such as X-rays, ECGs, CTs, etc. We recommend you brush up these skills with as much on the ward practice as possible, bolstered with our online Qbank, which contains hundreds of questions with images that need interpreting.

Test Yourself

Practice makes perfect. Test yourself with our Qbank to familiarise yourself with the exam format, and simulate the exam environment to build up your endurance and ability to manage your time both effectively and efficiently.