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Choose your MRCPCH FOP Subscription

Feb 2019 Exam
Access until 15/02/2019
Jun 2019 Exam
Access until 12/06/2019

About the MRCPCH FOP Exam

What is MRCPCH Foundation Of Practice (FOP)?

MRCPCH Foundation of Practice (previously known as MRCPCH Part 1A) is one of the three theory examinations needed to become a Member of the Royal College of Paediatrics (MRCPCH). This theory examination is 2.5 hours long and is taken at a test centre on a computer. The MRCPCH FOP questions are in two formats: Single Best Answer (SBA) and Extended Matching Questions (EMQs). Each question includes a case history and may contain photographic material. 

MRCPCH FOP Exam Content

The MRCPCH FOP exam is an exam designed to test the knowledge of candidates in regards to providing clinical care for children. Essentially, the FOP exam is what decides if a candidate has reached the standard required of someone entering their chosen specialist field training. The FOP exam is also taken by GPs doing the DCH so will include questions that are more general practice-based.

The MRCPCH FOP exam typically consists of 70 SBAs and 10 EMQs, which cover a broad range of topics, including Cardiology, Child Development, Metabolism & Metabolic Medicine, and Neonatology.

The full exam syllabus can be found on the RCPCH website

Foundation of Practice Revision

Our MRCPCH FOP question bank provides the ideal way to revise for the theory exam. Answering questions similar to those found in the real exam allows you to get used to the style of the exam and questions. Additionally, our mock exams contain a similar mix of question types and specialties to the real exam and allow you to simulate the real experience. This is also beneficial in allowing you to get used to the exam timings.

If you have a busy schedule then our MRCPCH FOP app is a perfect tool to maximise your revision time. Download batches of questions and revise on or offline, wherever you are.