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About the PLAB 1 Exam

What is PLAB 1?

The PLAB exam evaluates your ability to use your knowledge to provide patient care, rather than assess your capacity to recall and recite information. Questions concern current best practises in the UK and equipment that is frequently on hand in UK hospitals. Answers must be given in response to public evidence, not in accordance with local customs.

There are two components: PLAB 1 is a written test and PLAB 2 is a practical test. The PLAB 2 is a clinical exam (OSCE) that is systematic and objective. It has 16 scenarios, each lasting eight minutes, and seeks to replicate real-world conditions including a mock consultation or an acute ward.

PLAB 1 Revision

Using our PLAB 1 resource is a great way to simulate the exam experience and prepare for your PLAB test. Like the real exam, our PLAB 1 revision resource focuses on questions aligned to today’s PLAB 1 syllabus.

There are 3500+ questions to work through, alongside detailed, dynamic explanations to prioritise the most relevant question explanations and learn from each answer choice. Struggling to identify the most important information in a question vignette? You can choose the contextual clues feature to hone this important test taking skill. 

PLAB 1 Exam Sittings

The PLAB 1 exam is usually held four times a year in the UK and in a number of overseas locations. The GMC also provide dates in advance. The number of exam slots is limited and in high demand. To make sure that availability is distributed fairly and equitably throughout the year, GMC keep a close eye on demand.

PLAB 1 Exam Dates

We’ll keep a list of all the upcoming PLAB 1 exam dates here – please check back for updates…

Below is a list of upcoming PLAB 1 exam dates as well as closing dates for both the UK and abroad. Please be aware that the information below should only be used as a general reference, and GMC reserve the right to end test bookings early if necessary to manage capacity and demand.

Upcoming PLAB 1 test and closing dates:

Exam date

Overseas closing date

UK closing date

25 May 2023



10 August 2023