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No matter how far out from the Step 1 exam you are, our Self Assessment is the perfect (and FREE!) addition to your prep.

If you're a well-organized M1 or early M2 then why not take the test to benchmark your ability? Or, if you're on the cusp of or deep into Dedicated then what better way to get another view on your strengths and weaknesses before test day?

And, if you're an IMG considering taking the test between now and Summer 2021 then you're in luck - the Self Assessment will be freely available to access until June 30th 2021!

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Free Self Assessment: FAQ

Why is this free?

At Pastest we're known for sharing free, essential test prep content with the world - and we're not done yet! So dive in and make use of it while you can! 

Should you be awestruck at just how amazing the Assessment is, you'll find two more to tackle in our full USMLE Step 1 resource, along with a bank of 2300+ questions and our game-changing Progressive System.  

How long do I have access for?

You can sign up now but you don't need to start answering questions right away. From the point you answer your first question you'll then have 14 days to complete your Assessment. Once you have completed your Assessment, you'll then have 3 months from the point you signed up to review your performance data.  

If you don't want to sign up now best set a reminder; the free Self Assessment will be available until June 30th 2021. 

How will it help me?

Our Self Assessment exams resemble the experience and style of the real Step 1 exam, and help you to evaluate your progress towards becoming test ready.

Our users report an average score of 242 in the Step 1 exam (that's 12 points above the national mean) and we believe our carefully created Assessments play a key role in this success. 

Pastest has also been Listed as a Top-Rated Review Resource in First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 (2020).

Can I review my answers?

Yes you can! The great thing about our Assessment is that once you've completed each block you can review your answers and read the detailed explanations straight away meaning you can get immediate feedback on how well you've done!

Who's written the questions?

Our team of USMLE writers and editors comprise both physicians with expertise in their specialist fields as well as high-scoring students from top US medical schools who know exactly what is needed to ace the USMLE Step 1 exam.