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Work through 87 written and simulation exercises to maximise your chances of passing the GP Selection Centre assessment
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Patient Simulations
Practise 52 scenarios commonly seen at Selection Centre
Prioritisation Exercises
Test yourself with 35 Written Prioritisation Exercises
Links to Guidelines
Brush up on your knowledge with the latest guidelines

GP Selection Centre Online Revision

Patient Simulations

Practise with 52 common exam scenarios covering patient, colleague, relative and carer interactions

Written Prioritisation Exercises

Work through 35 question ranking and justification exercises and follow links to reference appropriate guidance notes 

Relevant, External Links

Get to grips with the latest guidelines from bodies such as NICE and GMC

Role-Play Material

Utilise patient and actor briefs within your subscription to prepare with your peers

Extensive Summaries and Additional Case Content

Prepare with additional reflection points, case critique videos, action plans and detailed explanations

Mobile-Friendly Interface

Our GP Selection Centre online resource is intuitive and streamlined, meaning you can quickly select an exercise and dive straight in. Using clear and concise progress charts, you can track your progression through the resource, and use the exercise filters to structure your revision based on your familiarity with each scenario. 

Prepare for the Selection Centre exam on the go with ANY mobile device.

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About the GP Selection Centre Exam

What is the GP Selection Centre?

The GP Selection Centre (GPST Entry 3) is the third of four main stages in securing a place on a GP rotation programme. Like the GP MSRA (Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment), the Selection Centre is an assessment stage and the score from these two assessments will be combined to determine your overall ranking.

Using a GP question bank can help to maximise your performance, and secure a place at the deanery of your choice.

GP Selection Centre Assessment Format

The GP Selection Centre assessment in split into two areas: simulation exercises and a written exercise.

The simulation exercises consist of three simulated consultations with a simulated patient, a relative or carer, and a workplace colleague. Each simulation exercise is 10 minutes long and includes the time it takes to read the background information.

In the written exercise you will have 30 minutes to prioritise the order of patient consultations and then justify your decision.

GP Selection Centre Preparation

Using our GP Selection centre resource is a great way to simulate the exam experience and prepare for your GP exam. Like the real exam, our GP revision resource focuses on two main areas: written exercises and simulation exercises.

Our written exercises contain ranking questions, followed by justification and reflection fields. Each exercise also showcases extensive explanations for ranked questions and gold standard justifications and reflections to get you used to the quality of answers needed to ace the exam.

Our GP revision resource also contains 52 simulation exercises with a variety of scenarios involving simulated patients, relatives or carers, and workplace colleagues.

The Pastest GP Selection Centre revision resource enables you to write your action plan and use an ‘Actors Brief’ to act out consultations. Simulation exercises also contain extensive suggested action plans and essential reflection points, as well as links to the latest guidelines.