GPST Entry 3 Online

Recommended by over 92% of users, our online subscription provides over 70 exercises to help you prepare for the GPST Stage 3 Selection Centre

Resourceful + Relevant

  • Watch the 49 patient simulation videos to practise with common exam scenarios covering patient, colleague, relative and carer interactions

  • Use the director's commentaries to identify the key points to remember from each consultation

  • Work through 30 written prioritisation exercises and the accompanying guidance notes to familiarise yourself with what's required in this part of the GPST Entry 3 assessment

  • Choose whether to practise in your own time or against the clock
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Clear + Concise
Watch the videos presented by GP trainee Dr Jas Gill for concise outlines of the specific elements of the Stage 3 Selection Centre, and the entry process as a whole.
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