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Includes SBA, EMQ and SAQ question types

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With over 5,400 online questions, Pastest is the only resource that enables you to select questions tailored to your medical school.
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  • Data Interpretation for Medical Students
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  • It's brilliant and I will be subscribing again for next year without a doubt, and recommend it all the time.

    Renee Hoenderkamp

  • It was an extremely useful subscription and really helped me to prepare for my exams.

    Adam Roscoe

  • Gives you the opportunity to apply the knowledge you have learned to a wide range of clinical scenarios. Has had a major positive impact on my grades. Other resources such as OSCE videos are superb. This a no-brainer for any...


  • I'm a 4th year at KCL (on the grad-entry programme), and Pastest is the closest qbank I've found to what I've needed to know so far. The questions are all quite simple, but less so than other qbanks, and the explanations below each answer are broadly informative, rather than just training us to recognise "buzzwords" in the question.

    Helen Jackson
    United Kingdom

  • As a final year medical student i used Pastest for the SJT, the PSA and am currently using it for my multi choice papers and OSCE's. There is a tremendous amount of questions to get stuck into for all of these papers and they really built my confidence during the revision periods. I was able to find out what my strong and weak areas were and could therefore prioritize my topics to study.

    George Greig

Experience + Insight
5 things you need to know about the Medical Student Finals exam:

Schools & Specifications

When it comes to Medical Student Finals, it’s best to be clear on your school’s exam format before you start revising, as each finals exam is unique to its institution. Our revision content allows you to select questions based on which med school you attend, so you know you’re covering exactly the right topics and question types.

Core Topics

Our revision materials are designed to cover the core topics on any medical school course for final years, no matter how they’re planning to specialise. Pastest’s Medical Student Finals questions cover both Medicine and Surgery, from Cardiology to Cardiothoracic, from Nephrology to Neurosurgery, and everything in between.

Question Levels

Our Medical Student Finals subscription is geared towards the final year exam, for students in the fourth or fifth year of their undergraduate medicine course. While medical students of any year can practice their skills and knowledge with our resources, the questions are at a level better suited to final years, although the extra practice would be beneficial to any student.

Clinical Learning

Medical schools generally offer placements for medical students in their final years, whether clinical, community placement, or Student Assistantship placements. In these placements, students can essentially experience the duties of a newly qualified doctor, including shift-work and being on-call, whether in general medicine, surgery, general practice, acute medicine, etc. This will give you the hands-on experience necessary to help you progress, with our online subscription bolstering your knowledge and exam performance.

Formats & Familiarity

The Medical Student Finals exam contains a variety of format types in the way questions are presented. These include Single Best Answer (SBA), Short Answer Marked and Extended Matching Questions (EMQs). Any of these questions can contain some form of media or data interpretation, so being familiar with the exam is highly recommended.