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Medical Student Insights

At Pastest we are always striving to provide tips and advice to help guide you through your medical journey. 

Hear from medical students themselves as they share their experiences, exam techniques and words of wisdom, passing down any insights that they have collected throughout their time at medical school. 

Read our latest blogs about succeeding in Medical Student Finals exams.

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About the Medical Student Finals Exam

What are the Medical Student Finals?

The Medical Student Finals are the last examinations that medical students must pass to achieve a medical degree and graduate. Medical Schools within the UK use different exam formats, but most use a similar standard of written and clinical examinations. It’s best to be clear on your school’s exam format before you start revising, as each finals exam is unique to its institution.

Medical Student Finals Questions

The Medical Student Finals exam contains a variety of format types in the way questions are presented. These include Single Best Answer (SBA), Short Answer Marked and Extended Matching Questions (EMQs). Any of these questions can also contain some form of media or data interpretation.

Our revision content allows you to select questions based on which med school you attend, so you know you’re covering exactly the right topics and question types.

Medical Student Finals Revision

We believe that practising med finals questions is the best form of written medical exam preparation. Using a medical student question bank introduces you to the format of the exam, exam timings, and the question vignettes.

Additionally, our Single Best Answer MCQs for medical students also contain dynamic explanations, which highlight exactly why an answer is correct or incorrect.