Referral Schemes

This information governs a customer's eligibility to participate in Referral Schemes offered by Pastest. By participating in a Referral Scheme, you (the "customer") may qualify to receive Amazon e-gift cards by issuing your own, unique discount codes to other individuals who then sign up using your code. You are eligible to participate in a Referral Scheme only if you have are a past or current subscriber and if your participation in the Referral Scheme complies with this Agreement. You must comply with any applicable laws, rules and regulations, in addition to this Agreement.

Pastest Ltd retain the right to deactivate your discount codes at any time, with no notice served.

Issuing discount codes

For every friend who signs up to a Pastest subscription using a unique discount code, the Referrer will be rewarded with a $10 Amazon e-gift card. A Referrer can earn up to a maximum of 10 $10 Amazon e-gift cards (as a reward for a unique code being used 10 times). In instances where a subscription is refunded where the initial purchase involved the use of a unique code, this will void any associated reward for the Referrer.

Amazon e-gift cards will be issued to Referrers over email by the 17th day of each month, based on the count of uses of the unique code in the prior month. You must redeem your Amazon e-Gift card within 90 days or they will no longer be valid. Standard referral terms and conditions apply. Restrictions apply: see for more information.

Please note: we will input your name and email address into, for the purpose of sending you your voucher. 

Rewards are void and no longer redeemable in the event you violate this Agreement.

Accepting a referral

Upon being sent a discount code by a Referrer, you are entitled to use the code against a purchase of a pre-designated Pastest online subscription, as sold on the Pastest website. The discount code will be applied against the full price as stated on the website and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. The discount cannot be exchanged for cash or used against any non-designated Pastest subscription.

The expiry date of discount codes will vary depending on the time of issue and product discounted.