Working through online UKCAT questions is a great way to prepare as it familiarises you with the content and timings of the exam, and helps you practise staying calm under pressure

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With close to 1000 practise UKCAT questions, Pastest provides the resources you need to achieve a great score on the day.
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  • Get into Medical School: 1000 UKCAT Practice Questions
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  • I have found this website very useful; it is a great way to cross check your skills and ability and it has helped me to stand out from the crowd. Awesome…

    Favour Oyibo, Blue Coat School, Coventry

  • Pastest has provided our students with structure and focus as they prepare to apply for medical school.

    Steve Tippen, Associate Director, Reigate Sixth Form College

  • Very helpful. Excellent website for UKCAT and interview preparation!


  • The Question bank contains similar questions I saw in my last UKCAT exams . The justifications to all the answers be it right or wrong are clearly explained, making one to understand exactly how to go about the questions. The tips for abstract reasoning is similar to decision analysis if followed carefully. Nearly all the questions you revised in the question bank will appear in the mock exams.

    Precious Bembridge

Experience + Insight

5 things you need to know about the UKCAT exam:

Cognitive Powers

The UK Clinical Aptitude Test does exactly what it says on the tin: tests your clinical aptitude. Revising medical conditions and symptoms won’t help you here; the UKCAT is designed to find the candidates who have the most appropriate mental abilities, attitudes, and behaviour required and expected of new doctors and dentists in order to be successful in their respective clinical careers.

Applications & Attributes

The UKCAT’s assessment of University applicants’ attributes helps admissions make more informed decisions when accepting or rejecting applications. The UKCAT is dedicated to bringing about greater fairness in the selection process and participation of training in both the medical and dental industry.

Curriculum & Content

For the UKCAT exam, there is no curriculum content due to the fact the exam is designed to test innate skills. However, the format of the exam is multiple-choice, and consists of the following subtests: Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making (replacing Decision Analysis), Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, and Situational Judgement.

Questions & Testing

The UKCAT questions are all written by assessment experts, and pass rigorous and detailed trials to guarantee that they’re factually sound and reliable. All sections of the test, including the questions, test duration, sequencing, and style are reviewed on a regular basis to be certain that all are fair, in terms of culture and bias.

Getting Familiar

Getting familiar with the format and structure of the UKCAT can be a clincher when it comes to actually taking the exam. Considering you have less on average than half a minute to answer per question for each section, it’s incredibly important that you familiarise yourself with the format so that you can practice answering as quickly as possible. Our UKCAT Qbank and Mock Exam features are ideal for simulating the exam environment, so you can just focus on doing your best.