Data Interpretation for Medical Students

Demystify the analysis of clinical data with our undergraduate bestseller.
Data Interpretation for Medical Students
Demystify the analysis of clinical data with our undergraduate bestseller.
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ISBN: 9781905635771
Published: 23 Jan 2012
Authors: Paul K Hamilton, Ian Bickle
Publisher: Pastest
Edition: Second
Number of pages: 618

This title won the 'Best Student Textbook' award at the 2012 BMA Book Awards.

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Now in its second edition, Data Interpretation for Medical Students contains subject-based chapters on how to interpret data, accompanied by detailed notes on a multitude of conditions. Each chapter includes sample cases to demonstrate how the data can be applied in practice.

In this second edition, the Imaging chapter has been revamped, providing a symptom-based approach to reflect real-life medicine. Instructional methods to interpretation and clinical cases are illustrated with images. Further cases, tests and details have been added, such as more information on echo, blood press monitoring, spirometry and MEWS core.

The final section features 'holistic' clinical cases which will test what you have understood so far and reinforce learning.

"Why buy my book?" by author Ian Bickle

"Often the most unique and valuable things in life happen by chance or arise out of circumstance. Those which have a really special twist involve close friends and family. That is how Data Interpretation for Medical Students came about.

"Paul Hamilton and I first came to know each other as first year medical students at Queen’s University, Belfast in 1997. A shared understanding and interests were apparent, along with an appreciation for each other’s strengths and weaknesses – to be honest I have all the weaknesses and Paul has none!

"We had worked on previous projects, including our first book Clinical Skills for Medical Students: A Hands-On Guide (still available as an eBook), but "DI" was our baby. It's a book that evolved out of our own curiosities and a deep belief that an admirable doctor: 'assesses, thinks, investigates, analyses and concludes. Medics should think, not just do'.

"We also put ourselves into the potential readers shoes – what would I want from a book, how would it most help and make studying enjoyable? We believe the key features are:
  • Simplicity in approach and graduated learning
  • Replication of real scenarios through clinical vignettes
  • A practicable breath of topics
  • An ability to review ones understanding with chapter ending clinical case scenarios
  • Our core belief that readers feedback is incorporated into new editions and refreshing the content in keeping with a changing medical world.

"We hope you enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed writing it."
Available on Kindle

About the Authors

Paul K Hamilton BSc (Hons) MB BCh BAO (Hons) MD FRCP (Edin), Specialty Registrar in Chemical Pathology (Metabolic Medicine) and Honorary Lecturer, Queen's University Belfast. Paul has a background as a Consultant in Acute Medicine and is a best-selling author of Pastest title Data Interpretation for Medical Students.

Ian Bickle Dr Ian Bickle is a specialist registrar in radiology, following a period of training as a medical SHO. He has a long standing interest in medical education, in particular medical students. He has co-authored Pastest title, ‘Clinical Skills for Medical Students: a hands on guide’, given a highly commended status at the BMA Book Awards (2006). He has also co-authored Data Interpretation for Medical Students (Pastest), MCQs for Medical Finals (Pastest) and Crash Course: Imaging (Elsevier). Ian and his colleagues have been teaching final year students for over 5 years. He is currently Honorary President of the student academic society, Belfast SCRUBS.

Available on Kindle

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