The Progressive System

A totally unique and innovative approach to USMLE Step 1 exam prep that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Build your knowledge
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Think like a clinician
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What is the Progressive System?

The Pastest Progressive System offers a powerful new approach to USMLE Step 1 test prep - & it changes the game!

Now you can start to build your foundational knowledge & the critical thinking skills essential to ace the Step 1 exam & do it right alongside your classes in med school.

The Progressive System challenges you to answer a series of related multiple-choice questions on the same patient case, that start with basic concepts & advance through to complex multi-order Step 1 questions. Each case is based on a high yield Step 1 topic & crosses multiple disciplines to reflect the integrated nature of medicine.

Why should you use it?

The Progressive System will help you to:

Build your foundational knowledge by identifying and remediating areas of weakness and helping to reinforce key concepts

Develop the critical thinking skills needed to succeed on the Step 1 exam and learn what it takes to be an effective clinical decision maker

Become an ACE at analyzing Step 1 questions, allowing you to achieve the score that you want and setting you on the path to your dream job in medicine

When should you use it?

The Progressive System is ideal to use as a complement to your medical school classes in your earlier pre-clinical years, or alongside the main Pastest USMLE Step 1 Qbank as the exam approaches to reinforce areas of weakness and key concepts.

Get full, FREE access - until August 31st 2020 - to all the cases in the USMLE Step 1 Progressive subscription, along with a taster of our core QBank (120 questions of your choice).

If your exam is approaching, access the Progressive System, at no extra cost, as part of the Pastest USMLE Step 1 resource.

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Case Coverage

The Progressive System features 46 patient cases and over 1000 questions, all written by expert physicians and high-scoring US med students.

With cases on high yield Step 1 topics ranging from Asthma to Renal Failure, Glaucoma to Anemia, you'll be equipped with all the cross-system knowledge you'll need to attempt the exam with confidence.

"The Progressive System method rocks! I really enjoyed the flow from foundational concepts to clinical applications."

- Kristian Hogue, Florida State University

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The Progressive System: FAQ

The Progressive System is not a Qbank. 

The Progressive System presents a series of intentionally linked multiple choice vignettes based on the same patient case, increasing in degree of difficulty and spanning multiple disciplines, always with a high yield step 1 topic at its core.

Why was the Progressive System developed?

Qbanks are ideal for dedicated test prep and one of the best ways to boost your score is to get through as many questions as possible, but not everyone is ready to jump straight into Step 1 level questions!

Do Qbanks build your foundational knowledge in an interactive and longitudinal way?

Do Qbanks really develop the critical thinking and test taking skills you need to dissect a USMLE Step 1 vignette and extract the key information?

Do Qbanks provide you with critical insight into the many complex relationships and connections between different systems and disciplines?

The answer is almost certainly, no, but the Progressive System has been expressly designed to do all of these things, and more!

Why should you use the Progressive System?

Our users report an average score of 242 in the Step 1 exam and we believe the Progressive System plays a key role in this success. 

If you make use of the Progressive System now, and align it with your classes, by the time you reach dedicated study, you’ll already be way ahead of the game!

Who writes the Progressive System cases?

Our team of USMLE writers and editors comprise both physicians with expertise in their specialist fields as well as high-scoring students from top US medical schools who know exactly what is needed to ace the USMLE Step 1 exam.