How Online Revision Can Help Aspiring Doctors

As a medical student, whether you want to be a doctor or a dentist, you will probably be expecting long hours of studying with a lot of material to cover, particularly when it comes to exam season. While this might sound disheartening at first, it’s important to remember that studying medicine is an incredibly admirable commitment to make and once you are qualified, the hours spent in the library will soon be a distant memory.

While you’re still at medical school, you will probably be hunting for those additional tools or support to help you on your way to passing your exams and succeeding in your chosen career. Here at Pastest, we can offer you just that. But is it worth your while, and should you be considering investing in something extra to boost your revision efforts? 

Benefits of online revision

First and foremost, revising online opens up a world of easily accessible material for you to get your hands on. No matter where you are, online revision could provide you with the on-the-go revision you’ve always needed. If you find yourself having to do a lot of travelling, or you’ve simply left things to the last minute, online revision is incredibly unrestrictive and can be accessed from a multitude of locations.

Most online tools allow you to maintain a high level of productivity, from features such as picking up where you left off and easily organising what you want to revise. It can also keep all of your revision materials in one place.

Online revision can be personalised to your requirements; giving you access to specific areas that you need, along with the ability to tailor your course of revision. If there is only a certain area that you need to revise for that month, then online revision could be a lot more efficient than buying a large textbook that covers a range of topics.

Consequently, we offer a range of resources including our large database of Qbanks, mock exams, videos, podcasts and lectures, to provide a tailored resource base, which can help you to pick specific areas of focus and help to display your progress easily through your performance data. 


Online revision vs textbooks

There is something of a battle when it comes to students investing in learning tools, including the likes of textbooks. Often students have to weigh up which resource they are going to invest in due to their financial constraints. Books are a great resource for information and can help to enhance your existing knowledge, however here there is less scope to test yourself than an online resource. Therefore, online revision could be cost efficient for many students, as they only have to pay for the subscription and will be able to purchase other resources to go alongside it.

Furthermore, there has been an increase in online communities when it comes to assisting medical students in their studies, from social media to forums, demonstrating the positive impact that online revision can have.

However, if you like to have a blend of each to support your studies, that's no problem, as we offer both. 

Living in a digital age

Students of today are used to being online and live in an age where everyone has a smartphone, meaning access to information is easy, no matter where you are located around the world.

Not only does it make a change from a lecture hall or a lab, revising on your phone, tablet or desktop could actually benefit you hugely and is often more engaging.

To find out more about how our online subscriptions work, contact us and we will be more than happy to help. Alternatively, browse our website at your own leisure.

Additionally, regularly check out our blog to get the best tips on how to improve your revision techniques, use your time more wisely and improve your productivity.

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