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All you need to know about who we are, what we stand for and how we're passionate about helping our users succeed in their medical exams.

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Our Mission:

To empower the doctors of today and tomorrow to become world-class medics through accurate, innovative and technologically driven test prep solutions.
Pastest in Numbers
Sign-ups to our online resources since 2005
Exam questions modified by our Content Team in the last 12 months 
Countries represented in our global user base (there are only 195 in total!)
15.6 million
Questions answered on our slick and convenient mobile app in the last 12 months

Pastest is 50!

That's right, Pastest has clocked up half a century of helping students and junior doctors pass their medical exams!

Over the past five decades there has been close to 600,000 sign-ups to our online resource (since 2005), with many thousands more having benefited from reading our best-selling textbooks or attending our comprehensive, face-to-face revision courses.

This popularity has not been confined to the UK though, as Pastest has welcomed users from a staggering 190 countries since its formation in 1972 - that's what you call global appeal!

To celebrate our anniversary we asked our founders - Nigel and Freydis Campbell - about their vision and legacy. Watch the full interview now!

Medical Test Prep is in our DNA

For the past 50 years, medical students and doctors across the globe have trusted us to help them excel in their exams. Our editorial team and world-renowned faculty of experts constantly research new ways to equip you with accurate and helpful resources which match the real exam as closely as possible, so you can approach your exam with real confidence.

We are dedicated (and excited!) to translate the latest technology into personalised, intuitive and effective test prep solutions for you. And we are constantly updating our resources, meaning you can prepare for your exam knowing that we have thought of everything, so you don’t have to.

We Get It!

We recognise the challenges that medical students and doctors face in their training years. Some of those challenges will be unique, which is why we treat every customer as an individual and strive to offer personalised support, no matter what you’re going through.

We help you make the most of every moment and we’re proud to provide on-demand support and guidance at every stage of your learning journey.

We Love Tech...

From developing test prep apps to new learning models, we’re obsessed with harnessing the latest in tech to help our customers get the results they deserve on critical exams and tests.

Our agile approach means that we’re constantly finding new ways to make studying easier (and more fun).

Right now, we're busy developing App 3.0, the latest incarnation of our 'on-the-go' platform - and we're seriously excited about it! For now though, our users can check out and enjoy the current version:
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We're Experts

Our gold standard test prep products are created by a faculty of world-class physicians who are dedicated to medical excellence in every field of study.

With an intimate knowledge of exam boards across the world, in the engine room at Pastest HQ we ensure our content matches the real exam as closely as possible and keeps up to date with changes. We like to say that the only surprise you’ll encounter will be your amazing results.

You Make Pastest Better

We are always striving to provide a better service for our customers. You know our products best, which is why we actively seek independent feedback from our users. Our desire is to build products which answer your every need with every convenience.

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Meet the Pastest Family

Our employees describe the Pastest family a bit like a real family – hard-working, friendly, lightly competitive. From our editorial team in the UK to medical question writers across the globe we work together to curate the most accurate and relevant test prep resources on the market.

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Our History (So Far)

We are inspired to achieve the potential of medical students and doctors across the globe – it’s what has got us out of bed every morning for the past 50 years.

We don’t rest on our laurels because we are always moving forward, constantly striving to deliver pioneering services to our worldwide customers and listening if things aren’t perfect. From publishing the first textbook in the UK with medical explanations to harnessing online and mobile technologies, Pastest has led the way in developing expert, personalised solutions for our customers.

We were one of the first companies to use online question banks and our mobile app is now our most popular test prep resource. Our journey is far from over.

Today we serve medical professionals in 190 countries and are rapidly developing product portfolios overseas. And there’s plenty of space on our timeline for more.
  • 1972
    Company founded by Freydis and Nigel Campbell
  • 1974
    Published MRCP Part 1 Practice Papers, the first medical revision book in the UK to include medical explanations
  • 1975
    Books helping doctors to achieve exam success published and sold throughout the UK as well as Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia
  • 1982
    First face-to-face written course delivered at Bart's Hospital, London
  • 1988
    World-renowned Nephrologist and author Prof. Philip Kalra joins the Pastest faculty
  • 1999
    First edition of the best-selling Essential Revision Notes for MRCP published
  • 2005
    MRCP Part 1 online question bank launched
  • 2012
    Online annual subscribers exceed 28,000
  • 2014
    Hugh Campbell, son of founders Freydis and Nigel Campbell, becomes Chairman of the Board
  • 2018
    Full launch of USMLE Step 1 question bank, Pastest's first US resource
  • 2022
    Work commences on the latest incarnation of our popular mobile app (version '3.0')
  • 2022
    Pastest is 50!