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It's a proven fact that our users collectively have higher pass rates than the overall pass rates reported by MRCP(UK) - just take a look at the graph!

The overall pass rate for the MRCP PACES 2022/3 exam was 49% - for our users it was a massive 75%!

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PACES Pass Rates

PACES 2023 Exam Changes

After the announcement that MRCP(UK) were re-configuring the format of the MRCP 2 PACES exam, we started to film brand new Patient Cases.

We committed to ensuring that our PACES resource was fully aligned with the new Stations and timings, and it is now available for candidates taking the exam from 2023/3 onwards. 

Watch our video to find out more about the exam changes.

New Topic Summaries

Efficiently access everything you need to know about the topic tested in the patient examination. Accessible alongside our gold-standard cases, each Topic Summary contains sub-sections so that you can quickly navigate to the information you need

MRCP PACES Online Resource

125 Patient Cases

Prepare for the PACES exam with over 340 hi-res, ‘gold standard’ PACES examination videos showing best-practice from model exam candidates

Clear Clinical Signs

View patients through the eyes of an exam candidate with clear, close-up clinical signs and on-screen palpation findings

Case Images and Sounds

Look, listen and learn with the clinical images and sounds integrated into case videos

Spot Diagnosis

Improve your ability to recognise clinical signs with our large bank of images, with sections including Skin, Fundoscopy, Gait/Neurology and more

Role-Play Material

Enhance your preparation by practising with colleagues using our downloadable role-play PDFs

Case Podcasts

Listen on the go to candidates presenting their examination findings, and case critiques provided by examiners

Stay on Track

Access key progress data in your subscription dashboard and monitor the cases you've worked through, broken down by station

Pass Every Station

It's key to your MRCP PACES success that you can make the correct diagnoses and create suitable management plans. The MRCP(UK) 2020 Annual Report disclosed that 'Identifying Physical Signs' had the lowest pass rate; to address this, our resource will improve your ability to recognise clinical signs, including scars, respiratory sounds, heart sounds, and distinctive gaits.

Perfect your technique for every system using our Teaching Cases and exam marksheets, and benefit from top tips on each station by our PACES experts.

PACES Revision on the Go

Revise for MRCP PACES with our mobile friendly browser interface. 

The mobile interface is intuitive and streamlined, meaning you can quickly select a case and dive straight in. The filters and search functions enable you to easily navigate to a chosen topic or specialty and start revising. 

Prepare for the exam on the go with ANY mobile device.

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Excellent teaching materials, very useful to clear MRCP. Videos of clinical patients are very good and helpful for clearing PACES.

Subraya Holla

PACES needs proper practice of the cases which are often given in the examination. Pastest's material provides enough resources and methodology to practice the same. I am sure, with the help of these materials, passing PACES is easy.

Nasim Ahmad

Demonstrations on how to examine real patients with evident clinical signs really helped. Also I love how many cases of the same disease were demonstrated just to show the spectrum of a disease's presentation.

Nada Zulkufli

This is all so good... available 24 hours, 7 days a week, even if you are tired just look and listen... you will be engaged... I recommend Pastest PACES to all candidates.

Mohammed Shafiq

The Pastest PACES videos are really fantastic, especially the Neurology & BCC ones. The pdf discussions also greatly helped during revision. Practising the stations gave me great confidence to complete in the specified time. I strongly recommend Pastest to anyone who wishes to clear MRCP PACES with a good score. All the people involved have done a great job.

Deepa Anubhav

Highly recommended for PACES. You will have the ease to see all patients online at your own ease. Every penny well worth it. The videos are HD, the examination steps are systematic and the viva at the end is so informative. Thanks a lot Pastest! You have made it possible for me to pass at the first attempt at UK centre. I have attended no other course in the UK.

Asif Naseer

PACES 2023 Sample Video

Watch this sample case video which follows the new PACES 2023 exam format, due to be introduced in 2023/3.

This Acromegaly patient examination is aligned to the new format of the MRCP 2 PACES exam, specifically the 15-minute examination component of the new Clinical Consultation Station (2 & 5).

MRCP PACES experts

At Pastest we know all there is to know about the MRCP PACES exam - and how to help you pass! 

This expertise, developed through detailed analysis of each exam sitting and listening to our loyal customers, means we are able to produce the most accurate MRCP PACES revision resource available.

Read our Exam Insights blog for a wrap-up of recent MRCP PACES exams or our Complete Guide for all you need to know about the MRCP PACES Exam.

MRCP 2 Experts

Choose your MRCP PACES resource

48-Hour Trial: Limited Access
Oct/Nov 2024 Exam
Access until 31/12/2024
Feb/Mar 2025 Exam
Access until 02/04/2025
Jun/Jul 2025 Exam
Access until 29/08/2025

About the MRCP PACES exam


MRCP PACES (Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills) is a clinical exam testing clinical knowledge and skills of doctors hoping to begin higher specialist training (ST3).

MRCP PACES Exam Format

The MRCP PACES exam consists of a ‘carousel’ containing five clinical stations. Each station is 20 minutes long and there is a 5 minute interval between stations. Two independent examiners oversee each PACES station where there is a patient with a given condition, or a surrogate patient.

See the MRCP(UK) website for the full MRCP PACES exam format.

The Royal College are updating the format of the exam from 2023/3 - read our blog for an update.

MRCP PACES Preparation

Our PACES subscription contains a variety of cases for each PACES station. The layout of the stations and the subject matter simulates the real exam allowing you to revise for a clinical exam online. As well as clinical videos our PACES preparation resource contains a variety of resources which help you to gain the theoretical knowledge needed to pass PACES. These include MRCP PACES tips for each station, role-play material which enables you to replicate the cases in each station, and MRCP PACES podcasts.

PACES Core Skills

Seven core skills are assessed in PACES: Physical Examination, Identifying Physical Signs, Clinical Communication, Differential Diagnosis, Clinical Judgement, Managing Patients’ Concerns, and Maintaining Patients’ Concerns. Use a variety of resources and real life practice to strengthen all these skills.

Carousel Stations

The five clinical stations you’ll encounter are: Respiratory & Abdominal, History Taking, Cardiovascular & Neurological, Communication Skills & Ethics, and Clinical Consultations. Split your revision and practice appropriately, and be sure to work on your weaker areas.