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We owe our long-standing reputation as a world-renowned provider of medical test prep resources to one thing: our people.

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Decades of excellence

At Pastest we have a long history of helping students and doctors achieve great scores in their medical exams. This is largely thanks to the contribution of our in-house team and dedicated network of exam specialists who help us to curate the most accurate and relevant test prep resources on the market. 

We’re inviting you to become part of this team.

Internal Experts

At Pastest we pride ourselves on fostering an industrious, creative and fun work environment. We take investment in our people very seriously and there are continuous opportunities for professional development.

If you're eager to make an impact on the lives of customers and help us to conceive, create and deliver the next generation of medical education products then we'd love to hear from you. We're always looking for bright minds in all areas of the business.

Email in the first instance - you never know where it might lead!

New Partner: You Okay, Doc?

We have partnered with UK mental health charity You Okay, Doc?, meaning our users can benefit from the extensive support services they provide.

Supported by psychotherapists and business professionals, their vision is to eradicate the stigma associated with mental health in the healthcare community, reframe the conversation and thereby reduce mental illness.

Work hard, play hard

Every member of staff has an intimate understanding of what it takes for our customers to excel in critical exams and tests – so you can relax in the knowledge that we work as hard as you do.

But then we like to let our hair down too.

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External Experts

If you have recent experience of the medical exams we already provide resources for, along with a passion for online learning, then we’d love to hear from you.

Medical students and doctors who work for Pastest currently fill the hugely important roles of Question Writers, Question Reviewers, Question Editors and Clinical Video Contributors.

All writing and editing work is carried out remotely and alongside current medical roles, while we regularly seek support to update and improve our highly popular Clinical exam videos throughout the year.

Below is a selection of our talented subject matter experts. Want to join the ranks? Email your CV to and we'll take a look!

  • Mohammed Alsammarraie Mohammed Alsammarraie Specialist, Primary Dental Care Mohammed is a specialist in primary dental care with an interest in prosthodontics and reconstructive dentistry. (BDS, MFDRCSI, MGDSRCSI.) He is also a Question Writer.
  • Dr Phil Ambery Dr Phil Ambery Dr Phil Ambery Question Writer and Editor (MRCP)
  • Dr Simon Bailey Dr Simon Bailey Consultant Respiratory Medicine Simon works at Manchester Royal Infirmary and is a Video Contributor (MRCP)
  • Dr Michelle Boffa Dr Michelle Boffa Basic Specialist Trainee (ST1) Paediatrics Michelle works at Mater Dei Hospital in Malta and is a Question Writer (MRCPCH)
  • Dr Gavin Brittain Dr Gavin Brittain Neurology Speciality Registrar Gavin is a Neurology Speciality Registrar with Yorkshire and Humber Deanery, and is a Content Advisor and Video Contributor for MRCP Part 1, MRCP Part 2, and MRCP 2 PACES.
  • Dr Paolo Davide d’Arienzo Dr Paolo Davide d’Arienzo Internal Medicine Trainee Paolo is an Internal Medicine Trainee at St Bartholemew's Hospital, and is a Question Writer (MRCP Part 2)
  • Dr Sarah Droog Dr Sarah Droog Anaesthetics Registrar Primary FRCA (MCQ) Reviewer
  • Dr Daniel Eden Dr Daniel Eden Consultant Anaesthetist Primary FRCA (MCQ) Feedback Editor
  • Miss Nada Elsaid Miss Nada Elsaid Registrar in General and Breast Surgery Nada works at West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust and is Question Writer and Reviewer (MRCS)
  • Dr Camm Fielder Dr Camm Fielder NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow (Cardiology) Camm works at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and is a Question Writer (MRCP)
  • Dr David Fisher Dr David Fisher Internal Medicine Doctor Question Writer (MRCP Part 2)
  • Dr Ying Xuan Gue Dr Ying Xuan Gue Cardiology Research Fellow, Lister Hospital Question Writer (MRCP)
  • Dr Ritchie Gupta Dr Ritchie Gupta FY1 Doctor, King's College Hospital Question Writer (Medical Student Finals)
  • Dr Kumar Guru Dr Kumar Guru Paediatric Critical Care Trainee Kumar works at the Women and Children's Hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and is a Question Writer (MRCPCH)
  • Dr Carl Hartelius Dr Carl Hartelius Core Medical Trainee, Maidstone Hospital Question Writer (MRCP)
  • Marty Houston Marty Houston ST4 General Surgery, Royal Victoria, Belfast Question Writer (MRCS)
  • Dr Stuart Hutchison Dr Stuart Hutchison Clinical Fellow Stuart works at Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Intervention and Coronary Care and is a Question Writer (MRCP)
  • Dr Demetris Ioannides Dr Demetris Ioannides ST1 in Paediatrics, Kingston Hospital Question Writer (MRCPCH FOP/TAS)
  • Dr Matthew Jones Dr Matthew Jones Consultant Neurologist, Salford Royal Matthew works at the Manchester Centre for Clinical Neurosciences and is a Video Contributor (MRCP)
  • Julie Kanya Julie Kanya ST3, Trauma and Orthopaedics Julie works in Raigmore Hospital (Inverness) and is a Question Writer (MRCS)
  • Dr Olugbemiga Kayode-Awe Dr Olugbemiga Kayode-Awe ST1 Paediatric Trainee Olugbemiga is an ST1 Paediatric Trainee in Merseyside, and is a Question Writer (MRCPCH FOP/TAS)
  • Dr Salema King Dr Salema King Paediatric ST4 - Royal Victoria Infirmary MRCPCH FOP/TAS Writer
  • Dr George Kravvas Dr George Kravvas Dermatology Specialty Registrar George works at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and is a Question Writer (MRCP)
  • Dr Heidi Lightfoot Dr Heidi Lightfoot CT1 Anaesthetics Heidi works at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital and is a Question Writer (MRCP)
  • Dr Marie-Pier Lirette Dr Marie-Pier Lirette Paediatric Registrar Marie-Pier works at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada, and is a Question Editor (MRCPCH)
  • Dr Jade Loughran Dr Jade Loughran Anaesthetic Registrar Jade is an Anaesthetic Registrar at University Hospital of Wales and a Primary FRCA (MCQ) Question Writer
  • Dr Prasanna Mahendra Dr Prasanna Mahendra ST6 Paediatric Registrar MRCPCH FOP/TAS & AKP Reviewer
  • Dr Nigel Meadows Dr Nigel Meadows Consultant – Gastroenterology MRCPCH FOP/TAS & AKP Reviewer
  • Dr Salmaan Mughal Dr Salmaan Mughal ST7 Anaesthetist Salmaan works at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. His specialist interests are Upper GI surgery, sarcoma surgery and Mustangs (the cars!). He is a reviewer and question writer. (Primary FRCA (MCQ))
  • Dr Muzammil Nahaboo Solim Dr Muzammil Nahaboo Solim Internal Medicine Trainee Question Writer and Reviewer (Medical Student Finals)
  • Dr Elizabeth O'Mahony Dr Elizabeth O'Mahony ST1 Paediatric Trainee, West Middlesex Hospital Question Writer and Tagger (MRCPCH FOP/TAS)
  • Dr Abhishek Oswal Dr Abhishek Oswal ST1 Paediatrics, Severn Deanery MRCPCH FOP/TAS Writer
  • Dr Joanna Pamballi Dr Joanna Pamballi Histopathology Training, NW Deanery Question Writer (Medical Student Finals)
  • Dr Deepa Patel Dr Deepa Patel Paediatric Registrar, Leicester Royal Infirmary Question Writer (MRCPCH)
  • Dr Tejuswi Patel Dr Tejuswi Patel Paediatrics ST3 in Reading MRCPCH FOP/TAS & AKP Reviewer
  • Dr Adam Pilarski Dr Adam Pilarski Core Surgical Trainee, West Midlands Deanery Question Writer (MRCS)
  • Dr Rory Piper Dr Rory Piper Neurosurgery Trainee, John Radcliffe Hospital Question Writer (MRCS)
  • Dr Jo Puleston Dr Jo Puleston Consultant HPB Gastroenterologist Jo works at Manchester Royal Infirmary and is a Video Contributor (MRCP)
  • Dr Manisha Ramphul Dr Manisha Ramphul ST7 in Paediatrics, Leicester Royal Infirmary Question Writer (MRCPCH)
  • Dr Alisha Ruparelia Dr Alisha Ruparelia Academic Foundation Doctor Alisha works at Leicester Royal Infirmary and is a Question and Extended Explanations Writer (Medical Student Finals)
  • Mr Robin Som Mr Robin Som SpR, London Deanery, SE Thames rotation Question Writer (MRCS)
  • Dr Joy Thomas Dr Joy Thomas Respiratory Registrar Jo is a Clinical Lecturer in Medicine, works at Swansea University and Singleton Hospital and is a Question Writer (MRCP)
  • Dr Shahlaa Walsh Dr Shahlaa Walsh Specialty Doctor in Palliative Medicine Shahlaa works at Woking and Sam Beare Hospices and is a Question Writer (MRCP)
  • Charles Timothy West Charles Timothy West ST3 in General Surgery Charles works at the Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and is a Question Writer and Reviewer (MRCS)
  • Danielle Whiting Danielle Whiting Urology Clinical Research Fellow, Darent Valley Question Writer (MRCS)
  • Dr Rosie Worrall Dr Rosie Worrall Anaesthetic Registrar Rosie is an Anaesthetic Registrar in the Birmingham School of Anaesthesia and a question writer and reviewer - Primary FRCA (MCQ). Rosie is also an England Boxing Ringside Doctor!
  • Dr Alexander Yao Dr Alexander Yao CT General Surgery, Salford Royal Question Writer (Medical Student Finals)
  • Dr Marcus Spry MJDF MCGDent Marcus works in general dental practice primary care. He is a question reviewer and editor in the dental field.
  • Armeen Poor MD Armeen Poor MD Assistant Professor of Medicine Armeen works at New York Medical College and is a Question Editor and Reviewer (Step 1 and Step 2 CK)
  • Brone Lobichusky MD Brone Lobichusky MD Lewis Katz School of Medicine Question Writer (Step 1 and Step 2 CK)
  • Eliel N. Arrey MD, MBA Eliel N. Arrey MD, MBA Department of Surgery Eliel works at Morehouse School of Medicine and is a Question Writer (Step 1 and Step 2 CK)
  • Elliot Campbell Elliot Campbell Dermatology Resident Mayo Clinic Question Writer (Step 1 and Step 2 CK)
  • Kevin Jackson MD Kevin Jackson MD Resident Physician in Ophthalmology Kevin works at Duke Eye Center and is a Question Writer (Step 1 and Step 2 CK) and Case Writer (Progressive System)
  • Lauren Stone MD Lauren Stone MD Lewis Katz School of Medicine Question Writer (Step 1 and Step 2 CK)
  • Patrick Michael Patrick Michael Cleveland Clinic Urology Resident Question Writer (USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK)
  • Serena Dasani MD MBA Serena Dasani MD MBA Resident Physician in Anesthesiology Serena is an MD and MBA Candidate working at Brigham & Women's Hospital and is a Question Writer (Step 1 and Step 2 CK)
  • Theofanis Kollias MD Theofanis Kollias MD SGU, Grenada Theofanis works in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Pharmacology at St. George’s University, Grenada and is a case writer for our USMLE Step 1 Progressive System.
  • Christopher Kaingo MD Christopher Kaingo MD Georgetown University School of Medicine Case Writer (Progressive System)