You Okay, Doc?

A UK registered charity. Founded by Doctors, for Doctors. Supported by Psychotherapists and Business Professionals.

The Sizer Gala

We are excited to announce we are You Okay, Doc?’s headline sponsor at their first charity gala dinner, which will be held in honour of Dr Liz Sizer. 

All proceeds will go towards critical support for doctors' and nurses' mental health. Their goal is to enable doctors & nurses to seek support, speak freely about mental health and be equipped to manage the inevitable occupational pressures faced. They do this via three areas of work:

  1. Community Activation - 40 doctor ambassadors across the UK who help integrate our services into trusts to support every doctor and nurse.
  2. Educational Resources - they deliver evidence-based tools that empower doctors' and nurses' mental health, including via their YOD Podcast and webinars.
  3. Support Services - including (i) The Huddle - their therapist-led peer support groups and (ii) their 24/7 confidential text support in partnership with SHOUT UK exclusively for doctors and nurses.

To date, they have supported over 3,000 doctors!

The Liz Sizer Award

The Liz Sizer Award, presented by You Okay, Doc? recognises an individual who has demonstrated exceptional dedication to the charity’s work by championing change, promoting wellbeing and reframing the conversation around mental health.

Whilst celebrating a leading healthcare professional, the Liz Sizer Award will also remember a much beloved mother, daughter, sister, cousin, friend and work colleague Dr Liz Sizer, a consultant anaesthetist who died by suicide.

We are eager to receive applications from anyone working in, or studying, healthcare and are looking for candidates who reflect the charity’s core mission as well as some of Liz’s most cherished characteristics. We understand that applicants have busy lives and therefore have kept our application process short and simple. You are greatly encouraged to submit an application on behalf of yourself, or on behalf of your colleagues or fellow students.

The award will be presented on Saturday 2nd December at the Sizer Gala which is being held at Queen’s College, Cambridge. The panel will shortlist three finalists, each of whom will be given two tickets to the Sizer Gala and will be notified of this on Tuesday 22nd November.


Nominations closed on Wednesday 15th November.

Judging panel 

On our judging panel are

  • Dr Daniel Gearon; founder of You Okay, Doc? and cousin of Liz Sizer
  • Dr Jeremy Sizer; brother of Liz Sizer and You Okay, Doc? trustee
  • Kate Beed; sister of Liz Sizer
  • Matthew Betts; You Okay, Doc? trustee
  • Louisa Pau; You Okay, Doc? trustee
  • Nick Stevens; You Okay, Doc? trustee
Dr Daniel Gearon, You Okay, Doc? Founder and CEO

Daniel is the founder and CEO of You Okay, Doc? and surgical trainee in the East of England. He has recently completed his Masters with the prestigious Cambridge University Judge Business School in Entrepreneurship. Prior to medicine Daniel was a decorated NCAA tennis collegiate student athlete in North America where he was also awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a Minor in PR and Advertising.

Daniel's cousin Liz died by suicide in 2016. She had been an anaesthetist at King's College London.

Following Liz's death, Daniel created the charity, You Okay, Doc? to provide doctors with a safe space to talk about their mental health.

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