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MRCP Pastest Membership

5 Years' Access
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Pastest Expanded Explanations
Med Students

Ensure effective teaching techniques with the current Med School syllabus

Pastest Past Papers
MRCP 1 & 2

Access the entire MRCP written resource, including the AI Tutor and Expanded Explanations

Pastest Clinical

Maintain the highest standards of patient care with MRCP PACES clinical resource access

The Ultimate MRCP Collection

Welcome to the MRCP Pastest Membership – a groundbreaking resource meticulously crafted for doctors who have already conquered their exams but understand the significance of perpetual learning and skill refinement.

Unrivaled Content Integration: One Resource, All Stages

With a single membership, you gain access to a vast repository of knowledge that caters to your diverse needs, whether you're revisiting foundational concepts or delving into advanced medical practices.

The Benefits of Pastest MRCP Membership

Integrated Learning: Seamlessly navigate content across all MRCP stages and medical disciplines.

Long-Term Access: Enjoy 5 years of continuous access for ongoing knowledge retention.

Community Engagement: Connect with peers, share insights, and enhance your understanding through the exclusive MRCP community.

Special Events: Attend exclusive Pastest events to stay updated with the latest medical advancements.

Innovation Projects: Collaborate with Pastest on projects that shape the future of medical education.

Elevate your professional journey with the MRCP Pastest Membership – your all-in-one solution for ongoing excellence in the dynamic world of medicine. Join us in shaping the future of medical education and ensuring that your commitment to learning knows no bounds.

MRCP Pastest Membership - What's Included?

Med Students

The only MLA specific, multi-year medical school resource developed by Medical Educators. Including: Early Years and MLA QBank; Essential Revision Notes, UKMLA Assessment; OSCE and Flashcards

MRCP Part 1

The most used resource for MRCP Part 1, including: 7,400+ Questions; Past Papers; Expanded Explanations and Contextual Clues 

MRCP Part 2

The most popular resource for MRCP Part 2, including: 4,700+ Questions; Past Papers; Expanded Explanations; Contextual Clues and Media Library


Pastest's unrivaled PACES resource, including: 125 Patient Cases; Clear Clinical Signs; Spot Diagnosis; Role-Play Material and Podcasts

MRCP Pastest Membership

5 Years' Access