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Oct 2023 Exam
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New look, new content!

Great news for trainee paediatricians - we've just released an enhanced version of our MRCPCH Clinical resource!
Here's what's new:

  • A fresh, sleek, user-friendly interface that will greatly enhance a user's revision experience
  • 10 new high-yield Communications Cases
  • 10 new Teaching Cases detailing physical examination technique
  • 6 new History Taking and Management Planning Cases
  • 100 new Spot Diagnosis images (bringing the total to 150)

This means the resource now has a massive 340+ videos across 146 cases - sign up today to experience the most comprehensive online MRCPCH Clinical resource around!

MRCPCH Clinical
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340+ Videos
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MRCPCH Clinical Online Revision

340+ MRCPCH Clinical Videos

Prepare for every clinical exam station

Case Notes and Questions

Reinforce key learning points for each MRCPCH Clinical examination case

Clinical Video Scenarios

Simulate Station 4 with video lectures from Dr Nicholas Plant

Teaching Cases

Watch these useful videos to help you improve your examination technique for each station

Spot Diagnosis

Improve your ability to recognise clinical signs with 150 images and explanations

Stay on Track

Target your MRCPCH Clinical revision efficiently from the start with immediate access to key performance data in your subscription dashboard.

Your dashboard provides detailed data that will enable you to see your progress through range of exam topics, as well as the resource as a whole.

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As I live outside the UK and did not have much clinical experience about the UK setting, the Pastest online clinical course helped me immensely to get an idea about the nature of communication practices in the UK.

Waad Desilva

Helping me in preparation for the Clinical part of RCPCH. Covering most of the expected cases.

Mohamed Khattabi

I personally feel that Pastest is very helpful for my MRCPCH exams. I recently took a subscription for Clinical. I would recommend it to everyone. It gives a fair idea of how the actual exam will be. So far, it is the only material available online which is closest to the exam.

Dr Zahiduk

Choose your MRCPCH Clinical resource
Oct 2023 Exam
Access until 29/10/2023
Feb 2024 Exam
Access until 25/02/2024