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Pastest Cases
227 Stations
Brand new resource closely reflects syllabus content across the 18 exam stations
Pastest Anatomy
Anatomy Images
Integrated illustrations & anatomical diagrams throughout the stations
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Revise on any device using our mobile responsive OSCE station browser

MRCS Part B OSCE Online Revision

227 Exam-Focussed Stations

Access brand new resources built around the 18 exam stations, which closely reflect the MRCS Part B syllabus

Detailed Station Summaries

Review each station using professional learning points, station images, communication tips, and possible exam scenarios

Downloadable Role-Play PDFs

Prepare face-to-face with your peers using downloadable prep sheets that accompany every station. Take the role of candidate, patient or examiner and work through each scenario

Anatomy Images

Consolidate your surgical knowledge using clear illustrations and anatomical diagrams

Videos on Exam Specialties

Watch hundreds of anatomy demonstrations and procedural skills videos presented by leading surgeons including the legendary Professor Harold Ellis

Filterable / Searchable Stations

Plan your revision and easily navigate through our brand new station browser to efficiently structure your exam preparation

Make the most of your Media

Stations are supported by anatomical images, providing clear diagrams that explain key concepts commonly found in the exam.

Use the revision tools for each station to view videos about the topic (including our Anatomy series featuring the legendary Prof Harold Ellis).

MRCS B Anatomy

Study MRCS B On The Go

Revise for MRCS Part B OSCE with our mobile friendly browser interface.

The mobile interface is intuitive and streamlined, meaning you can quickly select a station and dive straight in. The filters and search functions enable you to easily navigate to a chosen topic or specialty and start revising. 

Prepare for the exam on the go with ANY mobile device.

Stay on Track

Target your MRCS Part B OSCE revision efficiently from the start with immediate access to key performance data in your subscription dashboard.

The station browser uses a traffic-light system giving you a clear visual indicator as to how confident you are with your progress through each station, making it easy to revisit topics that you find more challenging.

Your performance dashboard provides more detailed data that will enable you to see your performance across the full range of exam specialties.

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The online video resource is a great addition and memoir to MRCS Part B revision, especially on an understanding of basic sciences.

Ignatius Liew

I utilized the Pastest MRCS B OSCE resource. I am extremely happy to let you know that I manged to pass the exam with 83% success rate in both applied clinical knowledge and surgical sections. I found the Pastest MRCS B resource invaluable!

Trustpilot user

I subscribed to Pastest for both parts of MRCS and the contents are just perfect for the tests. I definitely recommend Pastest to anyone planning to sit MRCS.

Akam Shwani

Choose your MRCS Part B OSCE resource

Oct 2024 Exam
Access until 30/10/2024
Feb 2025 Exam
Access until 27/02/2025
May 2025 Exam
Access until 14/05/2025

About the MRCS Part B OSCE exam

What is the MRCS Part B OSCE?

Member of the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS) Part B is the second of two intercollegiate MRCS exams run by the Royal College of Surgeons in Great Britain and Ireland. The MRCS examination determines whether a trainee has acquired the appropriate skills, knowledge and attributes to progress to higher specialist training in surgery.

The MRCS Part B is an objective structured clinical exam (OSCE) and tests anatomy and surgical pathology, applied surgical science and critical care, clinical and procedural skills and communication skills.

MRCS Part B Exam Format

The MRCS Part B OSCE consists of 18 examination stations, each 9 minutes’ duration and ‘manned’ by one or two examiners. The MRCS Part B stations are divided into 4 broad content areas (BCAs) grouped together and collectively known as 'Applied Knowledge' and 'Applied Skills'.

'Applied Knowledge' (8 stations = 160 marks) includes: Anatomy and surgical pathology (5 stations) and Applied surgical science and critical care (3 stations).

'Applied Skills' (10 stations = 200 marks) includes: Clinical and Procedural Skills (6 stations) and Communication skills (4 stations) which breaks down further into Giving and receiving information and History Taking.

MRCS Part B Revision

Although Part B is a clinical examination, theoretical knowledge is still being tested. The Pastest resource seamlessly integrates the station experience into one resource for MRCS Part B preparation.

Each station contains MRCS Part B questions and additional resources such as anatomy videos, images, exam scenarios, and station summaries, all designed to prepare you for the four BCAs.

Read our MRCS Part B blog for more information about why we updated our MRCS Part B Qbank to more closely reflect the real exam.

MRCS Part B Exam Sittings

In the UK and Ireland, there are three exam sittings or 'diets'. MRCS Part B exam dates vary between UK and Ireland exams, and International exams. For a full list of MRCS Part B OSCE dates, and to book the exam, see the Royal College of Surgeons website.