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New PACES 2023 Exam Resource Launched
  • 19 Jan 2023
  • MRCP

After a delay to the release of the new format due to COVID-19, we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new PACES 2023 online content!

PACES 2020 Exam Filming

The new resource contains 125 patient cases containing gold-standard examinations and presentations, ensuring that candidates have access to cases timed to the exact durations of the new PACES 2023 carousel.

Preparation for this new resource involved filming 52 brand new cases to match the new station format. We also asked current and recent PACES candidates to feed back on our new case browser, which was redesigned to match the new carousel, and ensure that you can efficiently access what you need.

Jenny Jowers, Pastest’s Chief Operations Officer, said: “It was a challenge to create this new resource in such a short amount of time after the changes were announced. It was also hugely frustrating that we had to remove the new content once the new format was postponed, however at least we were all set to go when the GMC confirmed the new start date.

"Our top priority was to ensure that the quality of the videos was equal to that of our current content; but we also wanted to take the opportunity to redesign the interface that candidates use to access their subscription, and lay it out in a way that supports their revision habits. I’m immensely proud of what our PACES team have achieved, and look forward to hearing feedback from our 2023/3 candidates.”

Adam Padley, Pastest’s PACES Lead, said: “The work to create this new subscription was immense, particularly having given ourselves such a challenging deadline. There have been so many people involved, from doctors, to patients, reviewers, consultants, film crew – all of whom shared the common goal of creating the best possible resource for the new exam carousel. Thank you to everyone who helped get this over the line!”

Remember, if you’re sitting PACES before the 2023/3 sitting you will take the exam in its current format, and be able to access cases relevant to that exam.

Read about the changes to the PACES Exam Format or watch our video below. 

  • 19 Jan 2023
  • MRCP