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Pastest Professionals - A customer perspective
  • 29 Aug 2023
  • MRCP

The following is a review of our Pastest Professionals MRCP 1 Course with Dr. Chirag Madaan by a customer:

The MRCP- Part 1 exam has quite an extensive syllabus hence I enrolled on the Pastest website for their massive question database which I think is one of the best and includes previous Past Papers as well.

I came across their new course, Pastest Professionals which is offered for 3 months with their Instructor Dr Chirag Madaan. Dr. Madaan not only has extensive clinical experience but also has been guiding and training doctors to pass this exam.

Dr Chirag's MRCP 1 Course

This Curriculum mainly consists of two types of video lectures.

One, 22 High Yield videos which cover a wide range of topics and specialties tested in the Part 1 exam.

Each topic is explained in detail starting with basic anatomy and covers the salient points of each chapter. Dr. Madaan breaks each topic into simple steps underlying the points and keywords that are important from the exam point of view. An added plus is the Mnemonics which makes it so easy to remember the topics well. Of course, adding a pinch of humour helps as well :-). These videos cover all the high-yield material that one needs to know for the examination, providing you with concise reasoning behind each answer. I’d highly recommend these videos as they help you to consolidate your knowledge due to their simplified explanations. They are also helpful as Dr Madaan helps you in thinking critically about a question and analysing the feedback which I feel can massively improve your chances of passing.

The Q&A sessions

Second, Live Q and A videos are released every week. These videos aim to mainly cover difficult and different topics as compared to the question bank and to gain knowledge that is not always available in the books. One lecture consists of 10 questions each on a separate topic which are meant to be solved in a specific amount of time. Dr. Madaan then goes through the questions highlighting the keywords to look out for which then makes it easier to narrow down the answer from the choices offered. The explanations offered in the answers are very helpful and excellent, to say the least. They are detailed yet to the point with repeating common themes a few times so that one can learn through repetition and solidify basic concepts. The explanations are based on the latest NICE guidelines. Most of the explanations are in the form of diagrams and charts which makes it visually appealing and helps in remembering mainly the theory aspect of the answer as it can get quite boring sometimes to learn them directly from the textbooks. Again, the keywords/facts are highlighted which makes studying less stressful and very useful from the exam point of view. I feel releasing one video every week helps one to be consistent and manage one’s time more efficiently. It sets an achievable weekly goal and gives you more flexibility in your revision time.

Overall, I would highly recommend signing up for the Pastest Professionals course. I think it is a great tool for learning and revising in a simplified manner and exploring basic concepts relevant to the exam in a short period.

  • 29 Aug 2023
  • MRCP