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Using Pastest for FRACP
  • 20 Oct 2016
  • MRCP

With the vast majority of medical professionals now using online resources to prepare for their exams, a growing number of international students have started to use Pastest subscriptions to answer questions that help to challenge and consolidate their knowledge for non-UK exams.

undefinedHere's Dr. Shahzad Shabir’s account of why Pastest's resources were central to his exam preparation:

"I am currently working in Princess Margaret Hospital as a Paediatric registrar. The Princess Margaret Hospital is in Perth, Western Australia and is the one and only tertiary care hospital in Western Australia.

Currently, I am preparing for the FRACP (Paediatrics) exam in Australia, so I have been studying a lot. I have lots of resources to study from, but my main focus is to practice questions. Consequently, I was going through a few papers and found Pastest as a resource (aimed at the UK MRCPCH FOP/TAS exam). As soon as I started answering questions, I came to know that it is a tremendous online source to practice from. The answers provided are very up to date and go through the topic so that you have a clear picture, even if you have answered something wrong.

For the FRACP exam, there are clinical and basic science questions and Pastest covers it all. The question types are MCQs and EMQs and Pastest helped me tremendously in this regard.

Although Pastest has True/False questions as well, which are not used in the FRACP exam, it really helps to cover the topic and challenge your knowledge. Questions are in line with the FRACP exam pattern, so practicing using Pastest has helped me to revise according to FRACP exam format. Also, the amount of questions there are to revise from is huge and you can choose the way in which you prefer to practice, which I haven’t found anywhere else.

There are very few resources to practice from for the FRACP exam but I found Pastest to be the BEST as it covers everything and describes the topics really well. The description of the answers is very accurate and it points out all the important aspects.

Also, when I started studying in a group for the FRACP I told them about Pastest and the resources they offer and now most of them have subscribed and are learning using their resources.

Personally, I think Pastest is the best resource that I have come across so far as it has helped me practice questions according to the FRACP exam pattern which is great. I would definitely recommend this to my colleagues and juniors for their upcoming exams, although at the moment, most of my colleagues have already got the subscription!"

Dr. Shahzad Shabir
Paediatric Registrar
Princess Margaret Hospital
Western Australia

  • 20 Oct 2016
  • MRCP