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MRCPCH Clinical Overview
  • 22 Dec 2023

At Pastest, we’re always working hard to innovate and create user-friendly products that help improve our user's study sessions. One of our latest upgrades is to the MRCPCH Clinical resource.

This product has been upgraded in a variety of ways and has been received positively by our customers. Before we get into their praise for the new content, let’s discuss what’s new about the resource. 

If you’re considering sitting the MRCPCH Clinical and want to ensure you leave no stone unturned for the examination, make sure you head to our MRCPCH Clinical page and check out our course!

What’s new within the MRCPCH Clinical Course?

The first feature that captures the attention of training paediatricians is our new sleek and user-friendly interface. We split our content into 3 categories titled, “teaching cases, patient cases and spot diagnosis” to help students manage their revision based on the MRCPCH Clinical exam. Our new interface has been a success amongst our customer base as we have received a variety of comments praising the “Ease of access” to our content as well as positive comments relating to our content organisation. 

Alongside the new content interface, we decided we needed more content. As a result, we have now included: 

  • 10 new high-yield Communications Cases
  • 10 new Teaching Cases detailing physical examination techniques.
  • 6 new History Taking and Management Planning Cases
  • 100 new Spot Diagnosis images (bringing the total to 150)

The course also features a new introduction to the Patientless Development Station Video. Within this video, we go in-depth on what can be expected within this examination, including time splits, useful hints and tips and much more. 

Furthermore, we have added 3 more Patientless Development Cases. Included within these cases is the addition of a cerebral palsy video, a piece of content that has been highly requested by our customers. One of our main goals is to always take on board customer feedback, the products we design are always curated to simplify your revision whilst ensuring you’re prepared for any situation within the clinical examination.

This takes the MRCPCH Clinical Resource content to 355+ videos across 146 cases, whilst offering an extensive amount of Case notes and questions as well as spot diagnosis images, making our resource the most comprehensive online MRCPCH Clinical Resource. 

Behind the Scenes of the MRCPCH Clinical Content

A huge bonus of our MRCPCH Clinical examination videos is the individuals included within our videos. We utilise real history-taking medics who even brought their children to the shoot to create these videos to ensure no details are missed within our content. 

The first history-taking medic on this list is Dr. Kiran Bains. 

Dr. Kiran Bains

Kiran is our MRCPCH Programme Director, she is a University of Nottingham graduate with a master's in medical education (Med Ed). Dr. Bains has spent 3 years at Pastest helping us to develop the best content possible to provide to our amazing customers.

Next, we have Dr. Kate Dominak.

Dr. Kate Dominak

Kate gained her MRCPCH in 2018 and has also received a PG certification in Med-Ed. She currently works as a Paediatric Respiratory Specialist. Dr. Dominak has featured heavily in our clinical videos since joining Pastest in 2020, where she has mainly worked as a mock candidate for history taking and examinations.

Finally, we have Michelle Grimshaw.

Michelle Grimshaw

Michelle is a paediatric nurse who has worked in a variety of environments such as Manchester Children's Hospital through to the paediatric ICU at Leeds General. Dr. Grimshaw now works on a one-to-one basis and is one of the stars in our MRCPCH Clinical Videos. When she isn’t starring for Pastest, you may have seen some of her work in Emmerdale, The Reckoning or in an NHS Vaccine advert!

MRCPCH Clinical Candidate Feedback

Don't just take our word for it! Here are several praises we've received from our MRCPCH Clinical candidates. We're always working to improve our products and it's amazing to hear the next generation of paediatricians see the value in our clinical content.

Customer Feedback on MRCPCH Clinical

Examples of MRCPCH Clinical Content

If you want to get a flavour of some our of patient cases, head to the Pastest YouTube channel and preview some of our patient cases including our, “Child Development Case” which covers the assessment of an 18-month-old boy’s development, as well as our High-Yield Communication Cases.

Child Developmental Case

High-Yield Communication Case

  • 22 Dec 2023