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7 TikTokers Every Medic Should Follow
  • 15 Mar 2024
  • News

Social media is a hub of opportunity for all. Anyone can make an account and connect with others across the globe through mutual interests, memes, or anything in between. One aspect of social media rising in popularity throughout the medical community is the idea of “med-fluencers”.

A med-fluencer (medical influencer) is a content creator who is either a medical student or professional who shares their personality through various mediums such as memes, educational content or inspirational and authentic content to create a community of like-minded individuals. We wanted to share some of our favourite med-fluencers across TikTok and Instagram who we find funny, motivational, educational or all of the above to make sure no one misses out on the amazing content these individuals make.

Don’t blame us when you can’t stop scrolling! Here are some of our favourite med-fluencers throughout the space!

1. Doctor Tally Bhogal (TikTok Doc) (@doctorbholgal)

Tally Bhogal

Doctor Bhogal is an Oncology specialist registrar from the UK, and his TikTok videos are a must-see. Tally does an amazing job of making medicine fun! Through his series, Diagnosis Detective, he challenges his viewers with real-life conditions quizzing medical students  - can you score full marks?

2. Daniel Olaiya (

Daniel Olaiya

Daniel creates amazing content revolving around his life as a flight doctor/physician. He shares amazing stories about his life travelling around the world saving lives, whilst providing other entertaining videos about everything he gets up to in his life!

But wait! There’s more! Daniel also features on CBBC and BBC iPlayer in the hit show, Doctor Ouch, where he teaches children about the weirdest and wackiest advancements in medicine, showing his ability to transform complicated topics into things children can understand! Daniel has also previously hosted a science-focused theatre show, “Dr. Daniel Olaiya’s Scientific Space Adventure” where he discusses the impact of space on the human body through stunning visuals and incredible storytelling.

3. Aymara Suarez-Sotomayor (@aymaraanahi)

Aymara Suarez-Sotomayor

Aymara is a UK-based student who posts excellent content providing insightful mental health advice and invaluable tips for med students based on her personal experience of medical school. To make her content even better, she is bi-lingual and even shares content in Spanish, who needs Duolingo?!

4. Azmain Chowdhury (@doctorazmain)

Azmain Chowdhury

Azmain is a doctor who doesn’t only make educational medical content, he makes it fun at the same time! Doctor Azmain posts quizzes about a variety of medical topics and shares his opinions on the latest news in the medical and health industry.

5. Rafi Abdullah (@rxafi)

Rafi Abdullah

Rxafi is a Foundation Year doctor based in the UK, but his content is globally relevant. He shares short videos on various topics, covering his personal experiences in the NHS, answering comments from prospective medics, and sharing invaluable tips for exams. He is a must-follow med-fluuencer.

6. Bakhtar Ahmed (

Bakhtar Ahmed

Bakhtar is a doctor currently out of training, that is working as a locum A&E doctor. However, he’s more than just a med-fluencer, he’s an educator who supports college students through the UCAT (The University Clinical Aptitude Test)! Bakhtar created The Medic Life to help students through one of the toughest exams they’ll face on their journey to medical school whilst sharing his life alongside educational tips along the way!

7. Dalitso Mwale (@a_surgeons_journey)

Dalitso Mwale

Dalitso is currently a 4th-year medical student after finishing his intercalated degree in philosophy. He posts educational content such as, Are You Smarter Than a Surgeon, University Challenge and medic vs medic challenges. Whilst educating his followers, he also sees the lighter side of medicine posting memes about his life on the wards.

Social media is an amazing place to gain insight into doctors' lives, stay up to date with the latest advancements in medicine and have a laugh at some medical memes! Be sure to check out all of the med-fluencers listed, you won’t regret it!

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  • 15 Mar 2024
  • News