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Great results for app users
  • 07 Feb 2017
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As of Spring 2023 we now have a brand new app! Download now for iOS and Android!

Making use of Pastest’s free mobile app is not just a great way to cram in more revision – it can help you get a better mark too!

According to recent analysis of 2203* exam takers in 2016, users of the app fare better in their exam than non-users.

Exam outcomes for doctors using Pastest’s MRCP Part 1, MRCP Part 2 and MRCS Part A online resources show better pass rates for those using the app as part of their revision compared to those who opted for desktop-only preparation.

Looking at the exams in isolation, for MRCP Part 1 the pass rate among app users was 17% higher than the pass rate among non-app users, for MRCP Part 2 the figure was 15% and MRCS Part A as high as 64%!

App Revision

Pastest’s Chief Operations Officer, Jenny Jowers, said: “It’s great to see that customers using the app are performing well in the exam. The current version of the app is highly intelligent, reliable and packed with features, and an increasing number of exam takers are making use of it at no extra cost.

“One of the key reasons we believe app users are getting great exam scores is that they are able to fit in more revision time, be it in between shifts, on their lunch breaks or even commuting to work. The ability to use the app offline is integral to this and we highly recommend everyone with a Pastest account to download it and start using it today!”

All our apps can be used offline, making them ideal for revision on-the-go. Performance in the app also syncs with the desktop version of the site, meaning keeping track of your progress couldn't be simpler.

*Sample based on Pastest survey respondents who answered at least 500 questions during their revision

  • 07 Feb 2017
  • News