PACES 2020: Exam Changes Approved

MRCP(UK) has announced that proposed changes to the MRCP 2 PACES examination have now been approved by the General Medical Council (GMC).

As previously reported, at Pastest we are already working hard to update our popular MRCP 2 PACES online revision resource ready for the first batch of candidates to take the exam in the new format in the third sitting of 2020. 

On hearing the news, Pastest's Chief Operations Officer Jenny Jowers said:

"Knowing that the proposed changes to the exam had the support of candidates and examiners we fully expected them to be approved. That's why we're already well into the planning process and will be able to offer a resource aligned to the new format as soon as trainees are ready to start preparing."

"As ever, we'll keep our customers up-to-date with our product development and the exciting launch of a new mobile app for clinical exams later in 2019."

In summary, the PACES changes are:

- Two 20 minute clinical consultations in Stations 2 and 5

- Two 10 minute communication encounters in Stations 1 and 4, combined with 10 minute physical examinations

- Altered sequencing of the clinical encounters

Watch our short video explaining the changes:

Read more about the changes in our recent PACES 2020 Exam Changes blog.

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