Trust Me, I'm a Med Student!

For folks who couldn’t make it to the recent American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Annual Convention in Washington DC, we wanted to provide a quick round up of the event!

AMSA is one of the premiere gatherings of medical students in the U.S., providing a great place for them to learn, network and have fun with their peers!

AMSA Booth

Pastest had a booth in the exhibit hall and over the course of two days we talked to hundreds of students about our innovative USMLE Step 1 Qbank. It was great to meet lots of students who are now Pastest customers and get their positive feedback on the Qbank.

Kelsey from Southern Illinois University said: “The question content is right on, just the right level of difficulty and topics tested” while Anna from the University of Science, Art and Technology (USAT) said: “I’ve used Pastest for about a year and supplement with my classwork to prep for Step 1, it was recommended by all of our professors, and I’ve been very pleased with it!

At the booth we also showcased our newly launched bite-sized videos from Yale and Harvard physicians that are now integrated into some of our explanations. The response from students was extremely positive. Josh, a third year student from Howard University said: “Integrating the videos into the explanations is a great idea.”

We also ran a fun social media promotion in which we gave away our hugely popular “Trust Me, I’m a Med Student!” T-Shirts. Two lucky winners also walked away with a Fitbit Charge 2.

AMSA winners

AMSA students

Finally, one of the highlights of the AMSA convention was the opportunity for us to talk to U.S. and Caribbean medical students in a special Pastest focus group, where we learned about their experiences, anxieties, aspirations and hopes for the future.

One theme that came out loud and clear was the importance of the Step 1 score! One student explained: “That’s Life! Every med student comes into med school knowing about the Step 1, and that it’s going to determine your life. They need a great score, so they can do what they want. Most med students are automatically thinking about the Boards the moment they arrive in medical school.”

Our trip to the AMSA Annual Convention was once again highly engaging and insightful – we can’t wait to connect with more med students again in 2018!
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