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We don't shy away from customer feedback - in fact we positively encourage it!

Seeking your opinion on how we're doing is central to everything we do as it helps us to fine-tune and develop our products so they hit the spot every time.

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We're good listeners

For any company to be successful, it needs to have an intimate understanding of what its customers need (and sometimes, even, what they don't yet know they need!).

At Pastest, our customers are central to everything that we do.

Whether it's usability testing, responding to feedback on our questions, quickly resolving a technical issue or even just asking them how their exam went, we're programmed to listen to what our customers have to say as their input is highly valued and vital.  

We then take a lot of what you tell us, sprinkle over some Pastest magic (normally pulled from our usage data) and then turn them into useful content for future candidates. Examples of these are our Instant Insights, Common Topics and other neat Infographics

If we stopped listening, we'd stop learning - and that's not a good look for an edTech company like us! We genuinely love feedback and working with students and doctors to help make our resources better and better - so keep it coming!

Got a Great Idea?

We're the first to admit that the best ideas don't always come from us - they come from YOU!

Do you have any great ideas, big or small, on how we can enhance or improve our subscriptions? Feel free to share with us today!

If we’re blown away, and decide to take your idea forward there may be opportunities for financial reward.

In the first instance please contact Chris, our ideas guy, at

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Let's talk

We love nothing more than to get a group of doctors together to talk about medical exams. Our desire to have detailed discussions with our users (and non-users) has taken us to all four corners of the UK, the US, the Caribbean and India!

At our last check we hold up to 30 focus groups and have around 150 one-to-one customer conversations per year, on topics such as test prep resources (including our own), exam anxieties, updates to exam format, marketing and technology.

We find these conversations to be really worthwhile as we can very quickly understand what we're good at, what we're less good at and how we can help to ease those dreaded exam nerves through future product innovation.

Keep an eye on your inbox - you may be next on our list!

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Our survey says...

A great way to quickly get the views of hundreds of our users is through a survey.

We systematically send these out throughout the year following each exam, or if we've just got some burning questions to ask!

They're usually short and snappy - we know you're pushed for time - and help us to build a big picture of how accurate our resources are compared to the real exams. We've created and sent out 130 surveys in the last 12 months so that's lots of data to analyse!

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Get in touch

Want to help out with future focus groups? Fancy writing a blog or creating a vlog about your test prep? Or just got something you want to get off your chest?

Fill in our simple survey to share something with us (of course, if you carry out any work for us you will be rewarded!)

Independent reviews

All of our customers are invited to submit a review of the product they've used or the service they've received through Trustpilot, one of the world's most popular consumer review websites.

We prefer to collect and share testimonials this way as they're totally independent and much more credible than unverified reviews posted on other websites.

It's great to hear what you think about Pastest (whether good or bad - thankfully it's mainly the former!) as it helps us to decide to do more of the things you love and gives us food for thought if there are aspects of our products and services you think could be improved.

If you'd like to leave a review about Pastest, head to our Trustpilot page:

What our users say

About their Pastest resource

The Pastest PACES videos are really fantastic, especially the Neurology & BCC ones. The pdf discussions also greatly helped during revision. Practising the stations gave me great confidence to complete in the specified time. I strongly recommend Pastest to anyone who wishes to clear MRCP PACES with a good score. All the people involved have done a great job.

Deepa Anubhav

I was recommended Pastest by a friend and never regretted purchasing their subscription service and their books. Customer service was excellent, fast and reliable. The content is exactly what came up in my med finals and definitely made a huge positive impact on my scores.

Dan Darbyshire

The Pastest question bank was the only online resource I used and I passed the exam first time after five months of just doing the practice questions. This is a hugely useful resource and very convenient to use on the app while at work during quiet patches. The explanations for each question are helpful and clearly explained. I would recommend this resource to anyone considering taking the MRCS Part A exam.

Will Sloper

Pastest is very useful and reliable. It's a definite pass when you subscribe to Pastest and finish the questions in their question bank. All questions are very exam orientated and it gives you the feel of sitting for the real exam. I have recommended Pastest to many of my friends.

Shalini Selvaraja

I have used Pastest for a few years now, including to revise for my medical school finals, and most recently for the GP MSRA. I love how user-friendly it is as a website, and the realistic questions are of course valuable! The app came in handy for revising on the go, and using Pastest to revise helped me achieve a competitive score that has allowed me to go straight to interview and bypass the selection centre stage. Thanks to the Pastest team for creating and continually working to improve this handy resource!

Efi Andah

Best resource for AKT. I passed, it covers a wide range of topics like no other bank. Definitely recommend it.

Sri Gunanathan

Pastest is the only source you need to clear MRCP part 1 👍🏻 Excellent material and good quality questions

Aishwarya Nimal

I used Pastest for USMLE Step 1 last year and it was a great resource. I completed the whole question bank before uworld and I really think it helped warm me up. There were a lot of questions on Pastest that you don't see on uworld and I'm confident that helped during my exam. In regards to the system, it's very easy to use and navigate. The home page give a nice summary of overall score so far. And most important I love the customer service at Pastest!! They are very responsive, quick, smart and friendly.

Staci Benoit

Applause for the App

We've always believed that our mobile apps set us apart from other test prep providers, and our users think so too!

Ease of use, design, ability to answer questions offline are just some of the many reasons our users have felt the urge to rate our last app highly (across the iOS App Store and Google Play the app has been rated over 3300 times, averaging 4.3/5).

But you know what - you think the current app is good? Wait until you see our new one! Click the relevant button below to check it out:

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