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  • Absolutely essential revision material. I tried doing background reading on each topic but found that this was not very productive. I found that doing the questions on Pastest and reading the information provided after each question was much more engaging and I got...

    Mark Clements

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    Robbie Debenham
    United Kingdom

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    Amla Ramlal

  • I have used a number of MCQ pools for MRCP Part 1 and found Pastest the best!! I highly recommend Pastest to all those appearing for the MRCP part 1.

    Sadia Ahsan

  • I found out about Pastest from colleagues who previously took MRCP part 1 and they all recommended it as the best tool to prepare for the exam. So far I find it extremely useful as I can prepare in between everything during the day. Even after a long day I can still do tests from my phone and track my progress. Hopefully it will help me be successful as well.

    Elis Nalbant
    Manchester, United Kingdom

  • I mostly did my revision of MRCP Part 1 from Pastest and found it very helpful. I also read a few other books just to get an overview of the basics as I felt my basics were a bit weak in few areas. Otherwise Pastest alone is quite sufficient.

    Iqra Qaisar
    Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom