MRCPCH Clinical Online

With content that covers each exam station, our subscription provides the practice and guidance you need to pass the final MRCPCH exam

Extensive + Targeted

  • Over 140 exam-themed videos: work through every MRCPCH Clinical exam station

  • Case notes and questions: reinforce what you've viewed in each case

  • Clinical Video Scenarios (Station 4): learn what to expect with lectures from Dr Nicholas Plant

  • Improve your clinical skills: watch videos demonstrating 'best practice' examination technique
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Oct 2018 Exam
£99.00 - Access until 28th October 2018
Feb 2019 Exam
£165.00 - Access until 19th February 2019
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Resourceful + Relevant

To pass MRCPCH Clinical it's essential that you can make the correct diagnosis and present your findings to the examiner coherently. With over 50 spot diagnosis images, you can improve your ability to recognise clinical signs likely to appear in the exam.

The range of supporting documents on popular conditions and exam guidance will also help to get you 'exam ready'.

  • Great job!! Hi, I am a subscriber of MRCPCH clinical video. The videos are great and I would definitely recommend pastest to my colleagues.

    W. Ng

  • I personally feel Pastest was very helpful for my MRCPCH part 1 and 2. Recently took subscription for clinical. I would recommend it to everyone. It gives a fair idea of how the actual exam will be. So far it is the only material available online which is closest to the exam.

    Zahid Razzaki

  • I found the videos of Pastest MRCPCH CLINICAL online course to be very relevant. They are really good for practice work to pick up clinical signs and to learn the examination techniques also.

    Tania Chakraborty