MRCS Part B OSCE Online

Divided into the 4 broad content areas (BCAs) outlined in the syllabus, our MRCS Part B OSCE subscription provides the practise and guidance you need to pass each of the 18 exam stations

Extensive + Practical

  • Focus your study on each of the broad content areas in turn, across 180 exam-themed videos

  • Watch the communication skills and history taking cases for common examples and tips on how to tackle these stations on the day

  • Improve your clinical and procedural skills with videos demonstrating examination technique and procedures that often appear in the MRCS Part B OSCE exam

  • Use the detailed lectures to work through common exam cases in applied surgical science and critical care  

  • Refresh and improve your knowledge of anatomy with Professor Harold Ellis's detailed demonstration videos
Oct 2017 Exam
£179.00 - Access until 22nd October 2017
Feb 2018 Exam
£299.00 - Access until 18th February 2018
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Resourceful + Relevant

To pass the MRCS Part B OSCE exam it's essential that you can make the correct diagnosis and present your findings to the examiner coherently. With over 70 spot diagnosis images, you can improve your ability to recognise clinical signs likely to appear in the OSCE.

Get practical advice from the podcast series with Orthopaedic Registrar Simon Fleming, covering topics such as how to recover from a bad start and what you're likely to encounter in the exam.

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Continue to prepare for the MRCS Part B OSCE exam in your spare time with the free Pastest app. Download it now to access flashcards from your subscription even when you're offline.


  • Excellent. Pastest is best for mrcs exam a and b.

    Amir Abdala

  • Subscribed for both Part A and B (OSCEs) preparation and I have passed my MRCS. Harold Ellis lecture videos were just awesome.

    Kelvin Prem

  • As a final year medical student i used Pastest for the SJT, the PSA and am currently using it for my multi choice papers and OSCE's. There is a tremendous amount of questions to get stuck into for all of these papers and they really built my confidence during the revision periods. I was able to find out what my strong and weak areas were and could therefore prioritize my topics to study.

    George Greig