Problem Confirming Order

Sorry, we've had a problem whilst trying to take your payment. Please click here to go back and try again, or email us at

Here are a few common reasons why payments can be declined:

Incorrect card details
If you've mis-typed your card number, expiry date, CV2 number or 3-D Secure code the payment won't go through, so it's worth having another go.

Browser issues
Payments can sometimes be declined if you are using an old version of a web browser. Either try updating the browser or access the site using an alternative.

Card not supported
Although we accept payment by all major Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, we don't accept American Express or 'pre-paid' cards.

Not enough funds
People sometimes struggle to pay as they don't have enough funds in their account!

Blocked by your bank
On very rare occasions, a bank can block a payment if it deems it be 'unusual'. Contact your bank
directly to make sure this isn't the case.