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  • It is my pleasure to thank you for supporting me and helping me passed MRCP part 2 written. I used Pastest as my only online revision and I got 499. Thanks to every one in Pastest and as for part one I recommend this site to all of my colleagues who are planning to do MRCP part 2. Also I will subscribe for Paces on this site. Thank you again for the effort to make...

    Abubakr Mahmoud

  • I just wanted to say that this really is very good. I was quite sceptical about paying £99 for access to some questions, but the addition of the vLectures and past paper analysis audio commentary makes this an excellent resource that I will be recommending to all the people I know doing MRCP 2 with me. Thanks for putting in the effort to make a useful...

    Mark Devine

  • I have passed MRCP 2 written exam, thanks to Pastest. It's really a great website, considering the fact that I am in Karachi, Pakistan, preparing alone, so this site helps me a lot. This site provided me great assistance even in Part 1, so I really recommend people who are preparing for this exam. The video lectures are excellent. Past papers very helpful.

    Rehan Kausar

  • Excellent resource easy to use, good explanations, and more than 2000 questions.

    Sophie Russell
    United Kingdom