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About the MRCP Part 2 Exam

MRCP Part 2 Written Exam Format

The MRCP Part 2 written examination consists of two 3-hour papers taken in a single day. Each paper contains 100 MRCP Part 2 MCQs all in the best of five (BoF) format. The Part 2 exam covers a wide range of topics designed to test your clinical understanding and judgements.

The Pastest MRCP Part 2 subscription provides everything you need to master key exam skills like interpreting results, making correct diagnoses and selecting the best management plan.

In 2018 the average score of candidates that used Pastest for their MRCP Part 2 revision was over 35 points higher than the Pass Mark of 454!

MRCP Part 2 Questions

Each MRCP Part 2 question generally contains a clinical vignette, which may also contain illustrations and/or the results of investigations. Note that some of these questions will be based on adolescent medicine.

Interpreting Images in MRCP Part 2

One of the most important aspects of the MRCP Part 2 exam is being able to interpret images correctly, such as X-rays, ECGs and CTs. We recommend that you brush up these skills with practice on the ward, bolstered with our online Part 2 Qbank, which contains hundreds of image interpretation questions.

MRCP Part 2 Preparation

We believe that answering MRCP Part 2 sample questions, similar to those found in the real exam, is the best way to prepare. We also suggest using the MRCP Part 2 past papers and mock exams in your subscription during the run up to the exam in order to simulate the exam experience and practice timings.