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  • Very good questions, good explanations. Passed first time after doing all the questions; knew nothing before doing them! So you can pass just by practising over and over.

    David Brinkman

  • The anatomy tutorials by Prof Ellis are invaluable. Very good range of questions. Scored 80% in real exam, which was close to my mock exam scores, so the difficulty maps well.

    Greg Chambers

  • I was told 1 month before exams to finish at least 1000 questions from Pastest. I finished all 3000 that time. Managed to pass in 1 go. Thanks a lot.

    Adzim Poh

  • Excellent. Pastest is best for mrcs exam a and b.

    Amir Abdala

  • Large question bank with good explanation to answers. Just like Pokemon, you gotta do them all!

    Vijay Rabin